Deir El-Madina


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Deir El-Madina

Deir El-Madina

The Village of Deir El-Madina is where all the people who participated in the construction in the royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, and the mortuary temples of the West Bank of Egypt, including craftsmen, builders, servants, and workers lived.

When these workers passed away, they were buried in a necropolis located to the North of the Valley of the Queens which was called the Village of the Workers.

There are some quite impressive tombs which are crowned by small-sized pyramids in the necropolis of Deir El Madina.

The most attractive tombs include the tomb of Sennedjem, a servant who served the kings of the 19th dynasty and it is featured with its yellow painted walls with reliefs of the owner of the tomb and his wife presenting offerings to the gods.

Another good example of a wonderfully ornamented tomb of Deir El-Madina would be the tomb of Inherkhau, who used to work as a foreman for a mayor during the reign of the New Kingdom and it includes marvellously coloured wall paintings of the afterlife.