Madinat Habu Temple


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Madinat Habu Temple

Madinat Habu Temple

Being one of the largest temples of ancient Egypt, second only in size to the great vast Tempe of Karnak, the Temple of Madinat Habu is one of the most remarkable and impressive monuments in Luxor.

The centrepiece of the complex of Madinet Habu is the mortuary temple of Ramses III which was constructed following the outlines and the architecture of the mortuary temple of Ramses II; the Ramssieum.

During the last invasion of Egypt in the 20th century, all the people living in Luxorresorted to the Temple of Madinat Habu and they took refuge behind the huge fortified walls of the temple.

Ramses III was a great military leader and many of his achievements are recorded on the walls of the pylon and the courts of the temple. Many of the colour and reliefs of the temple were preserved due to the fact that the temple was converted into a Christian monastery and they covered the walls with plastic sheets.

The Temple of Madinat Habu is featured for its massive statues of the builder of the temple, its colourful walls, and the remarkable ornaments all over the temple which is nevertheless less visited by tourists who stay in Luxor.