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The Karnak Temple Sound And Light Show

This wonderful Egyptian project was first established in 1962 in the Giza Pyramids. Afterwards, sound and light show started performing in other historical sites like the Karnak Temple, Edfu Temple, Philae Temple, and the marvellous temples of Abu Simble.

The Karnak Sound and Light Show highlights the dramatic history of ancient Thebes. The show narrates the achievements of some great Pharaohs, with poetic descriptions of the ancient treasures.

As visitors walk through the complex of temples, pharaohs arise to tell the story of their interesting lives, as haunting music mysteriously flows through this ancient city. Ancient and poetic voices tell the visitors about the birth of Karnak temple and the heroic achievements of pharaohs and god Amun.

It is an enchanting and supernatural experience to listen to sound effects and gaze at the magnificent ruins illuminated during the well-presented show.


The facility is considered the largest temples of the ancient world. Its construction began in the reign of the central state, about 2000 BC. At that time, it was not built at that level of magnitude, however, in the modern state, to which King Tut Ankh Amun and King Ramsis are affiliated, a magnificent temple was built on the ruins of this temple that embodied the magnitude of the Egyptian vast empire.

During the following dynasties, each king added more to the temple as in adulation to gods and out of the desire of getting popularity among the members of the people.

The performance, which lasts for about an hour, is carried out in the English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Italian language according to the schedule of the performances every week.