Currency in Nuweiba


History Of Nuweiba


Nuweiba was actually never mentioned in any historical records during the Pharaonic, Roman, Ptolemaic, or Coptic eras. However, most probably the city was a small fishing village with a few numbers of tribal inhabitants and a minor transit point for trading caravans coming from the Arabian Peninsula during different periods of the ancient Egyptian history.  

During the early Islamic period, especially when the new religion became prominent in Egypt in particular and in Northern Africa in General, Nuweiba, due to the fact of being near the Eastern shores of the Aqaba Gulf, became a significant hub for the travelers going for pilgrimage in Mecca. 

Afterward, in later periods of the Islamic era in Egypt, Nuweiba started gaining commercial aspects and it became the Eastern gate of Egypt. This was why Mamluk Sultan El Ghoury constructed his famous fortress near the city in the 16th century.

At the end the 19th century, the Egyptian police established a newer fortress for the camel crops to preserve the security in that significant area of Sinai; near the Egyptian borders with many countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Palestine, and Israel later on.