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Things To Do In Nuweiba


Underwater delights are the feature attraction of Nuweiba, and while not as dramatic as at other resorts on the Gulf of Aqaba, the dive sites tend to be less busy, with an impressive variety of marine life. There are shallow reefs offshore that are reasonable places to snorkel, but the best snorkeling is the Stone ouse Reef just south of town.

Ras Shaitan 

located just 15Km north of Nuweiba.
The highlight of this dive is undoubtedly the contoured topography, including narrow valleys, sand-filled depressions, and deep chasms. 
Depth: 10m to 30m
Rating: intermediate
Access: shore


The Sinker is a massive submerged mooring buoy designed for cargo ships, which was sunk by mistake in the mid-1990s. Since then, it has developed into a fantastic artificial reef, attracting a host of small, colorful species.

Depth: 10m to 30m
Rating: intermediate
Access: shore 

Camel & Jeep Safaris

With the exception of Dahab, Nuweiba the best place along the coast to arrange camel or jeep safaris into the interior. almost every little place in Tarabin offers these trips, but take care that whoever you pick a local Bedouin – not only are they marginalised by tour operators from the Nile Valle and therefore need the work, but there have been some instances of travelers lost in the desert without water because their so-called guides didn’t know the routes.

Note: Register with the police before beginning the safari, and don’t pay the camel driver until you return to the village. Itineraries – and as a result, prices – are generally custom- designed.