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Situated in the center of the shores of Sinai overlooking the Aqaba Gulf between Taba at the North, Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh in the South, Nuweiba is the best starting point for many one day trips.

For those who are fond of diving and would love to explore the treasures of the underwater, Abu Galoum Protected Area would be just amazing.

Located to the South of the center of the city of Nuweiba, this lovely rather deserted area has a distinguished beach and a number of valleys where some wild animals like foxes, hyraxes, and ibexes live.

Nuweiba is also popular for going on Safari trips, using horses or camels, cars, and different other vehicles for longer destinations, and then camping in a tribal tent at the end.

An astonishing half day trip from Nuweiba would be to the colored canyons of Sinai. Being only 30 kilometers inland from the city of Nuweiba, the colored canyons is one of the most remarkable sections of Sinai and can be reached by camels or by vehicles.

The narrow gorges of this area got its awesome yellow, pink, brown, green, colors due to the different layers formed through the oxidation of minerals in various periods of time. 

Another wonderful trip would be to explore the Pharaohs Island situated around 50 kilometers to the North of the city. The Pharaohs Island hosts the medieval castle constructed by the famous army leader and King, Saladin in 1170 as a stronghold for the Arabian armies defending Egypt against the multiple attacks of the Crusaders on various occasions in that period of the Egyptian history.

Updated on 01 SEP 2018