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Activities And Things To Do In Port Said


The “canal cities” is a widely used expression to refer to Suez, Ismailia, Port Fouad and Port Said. Among those cities Port Said is the biggest and the most interesting at all.

Having a little bit of Cairo’s craziness and liveness made it the destination to go for fun for most of nearby cities young and old generations as well.

This is a list for anyone who wants to go out of their comfort zone and experience somewhere new. It’s also a list for anyone who finds themselves in Port Said; if that ever happens, here’s what you have to do.

Take a walk on the Corniche

The Corniche might look very chaotic, but it’s beautiful in its own sort of way, you know? You need to walk it from the start till the very end at De Lesseps’ statue. I also suggest you do that at 5 am when it’s very calm.

Or El-Gomhoreya Street

This street is probably one of the only streets in Port Said, or Egypt in fact, that hasn’t changed by the passing of time. Something about walking on that street makes me feel cozy.

Hit Liverpool Cafe

They make a mean Nutella waffle, if you’re into that sort of stuff.

Or try a pizza from Pizza Pino

Funnily enough, this place is across the street from a Pizza Hut, but I’ll always pick Pino over it or anything else. You seriously need to have a slice of their pepperoni pizza.

Have a ride on el ma3adeya {The Ferry}

El ma3adeya translates into the crosser, and that’s what it does. It’s a boat of some kind that gets you from point a to b. It’s also the only mean of transport that’ll take you from Port Said to Port Fouad and vice versa. The whole ride is an experience you must try.

Visit Port Fouad

Port Fouad is considered an extension of Port said. You’ll think that you’re in Europe for a second whilst you walk in its streets.

Visit The Central Perk In Port Said

Yup, a Friends fan from Port Said decided to create a replica of the cafe from the hit TV show.

Last but not least, get a waklet samak {Sea Food Meal}

There’s no shortage of fishermen in this city. You’ll find them everywhere, which is why fish or seafood places in general are everywhere. I’m not going to recommend a specific place as every single place we have tried was superb.