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Only In Ras Sudr

Wadi El Garandal {The Birdwatching Haven}

115 Km away from the Ahmad Hamdi Tunnel, it is definitely worth a visit, even if you have never come across the idea of bird-watching before. If bird-watching happens to be one of your hobbies, then you are definitely in the right place.

Wadi El Gharandal is a haven for exotic birds, all gathering in a beautiful oasis in the South of Sinai. It cannot get anymore otherworldly. Just imagine being in the middle of a lush, green oasis in the middle of the desert, surrounded by exotic birds living their lives normally around you.

It is truly fascinating; a different kind of safari than the ones most people are familiar with. In fact, Wadi El Gharandal is quite a popular spot in Ras Sedr for one-day Bedouin-style tourism and safari trips.

Get to know the Bedouin style of life, their art, their culture, traditions, and music, as well as enjoy the striking beauty of exotic birds, on this trip to Wadi El Gharandal; you won’t regret it.