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Major Activities In Ras Sudr

Comparing to other resorts in the Sinai Peninsula the city of Ras Sedr is relatively small but still has a lot to offer to an adventurous traveler.

Kite Surfing 

Kite Surfing is practically synonymous with Ras Sudr. Whether you are a seasoned kitesurfer or have never heard the term in your life, you simply cannot spend time in Ras Sudr without kite surfing.

If you are a novice, take lessons at KiteBuzz. The Kitebuzz Center is located at the Paradise Hotel, and there are skilled professionals to teach you how to kitesurf. Beginners can practice during low tide at the beach when the winds and waves are gentler.

As you become more experienced and adventurous, you can take lessons when the tides are higher and waves pose more of a challenge. Whatever you choose, you are sure to enjoy yourself!


Avid fishers will be glad to know that the Red Sea has a diverse variety of fish, with some of the fish unique only to the Red Sea. Perhaps you do not fish for sport and simply would just like to relax after a long day of kite surfing and other water sports.

Enjoy floating on the Red Sea – the high salt content of which makes it easier for you and your boat to stay afloat – the year-round sunshine, and occasional bird watching. If you do catch fish, it will be delicious with minimal seasoning due to the salinity of the water. Even if you do not catch any fish, chances are that you will still have a pleasant time boating in the Red Sea.

Wind Surfing 

The Red Sea coastline in Ras Sudr has thermal winds that are ideal for windsurfing. Take advantage of this and have an amazing time windsurfing. You can rent all the necessary equipment from water sports centers.

One popular place is Moon Beach Windsurfing Center. You should be able to find all the necessary equipment there to have a fun and safe windsurfing experience. If you are a beginner or have never windsurfed in your life, Moon Beach Windsurfing Center offers lessons, so you don’t miss out on the fun!