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Safaga is an ideal snorkeling and scuba diving haven that has set itself on an International scale of competence among both world-famous sites, as well as local diving towns like Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada.  

This is due to the fact that Safaga offers ideal diving conditions reflected in matchless visibility, controlled winds, and easy offshore dives. Hence, Safaga enjoys an exceptionally diverse and colorful marine life ideal for both open water and experienced divers.

Both families and individuals can enjoy the Red Sea’s treasured gem through a sedate mode of exploration, as boat trips are also available for the less adventurous who like sunbathing, snorkeling and fine dining amidst harmonious shades of blue.

Qualified dive instructors are available, as well as certified diving centers on shores offering excellent service and quality equipment for rent.

Recommended Dive Sites: 

Tobia Arbaa

Many places in Safaga organize sedate boat trips to this wonder on earth. Tobia Arbaa also known as the seven pillars- for having seven ergs- is considered to be one of the best snorkeling havens at Safaga or even at the Red Sea’s coast.

An exceptionally colorful network of soft corals covers the site’s seven ergs, making it home for blue spotted rays, lion and glassfish, octopuses, morays etc.

This site is ideal for families who enjoy snorkeling and sunbathing on a tranquil island and is also a motivating starting point for visitors interested in taking an open water course with Tobia Arbaa as their first, easy open water dive option.

Abu Qifan

Is a 300m long reef with plateaus on both its north and south sides ideal for adventurous divers in love with encountering hammerhead sharks and manta rays.

Panorama Reef

Named so for being the largest reef in Safaga with the largest possibility of encountering unique underwater creatures. Panorama Reef is characterized by walls that house soft corals and unique marine life. It is highly recommended to dive into the site several times in order not to miss its vast plateau and rich drop-offs.

Relaxation and Spas: 

Travelers seeking relaxation, and effective natural remedies for different physical diseases have come to the right place! Safaga’s Karlovy Vary Spa, located at the Menaville is an accredited branch of Czech Republic’s health clinic and spa. However, is even more favored by International Travellers, due to Safaga’s year-round warm weather.

Visitors can choose from a wide variety of therapies and treatment methods available; hydrotherapy, oxygen therapy, wax therapy etc with sessions at a reasonable price.

So, whether you are suffering from Asthma, bronchitis, muscle pain, stress or tension, Safaga’s nature guarantees you return home, totally healed. Visitors can enjoy plunging in Karlovy Vary’s mineral pools, spas and enjoy a relaxing massage while overlooking the tranquil beach.