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How To Go To Sharm El Sheikh

Getting To Sharm El Sheikh

There are plenty of ways to get to Sharm El Sheikh and you may choose the best way that suits your schedule and budget.

1) By Air

Getting to Sharm from Europe

Firstly – it’s important that you consider the FCO’s travel advice before you decide to travel to Sharm. Remember that the advisory is for the flights in and out of the airport only, and not the resort itself 

For the indirect routes, a multitude of options is available, although some are more straightforward than others.

The easiest and best option remains the single airline, direct transfer routes using Egyptair (via Cairo) or Turkish Airways and Pegasus (via Istanbul) to reach Sharm. You and your bags are checked in and transported all the way to Sharm, so the journey is as straightforward as possible. Both offer excellent prices if booked in advance.

Egypt air from London Heathrow via Cairo
Pegasus from Stansted via Istanbul.
Turkish Airways from Birmingham, Edinburgh, Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester via Istanbul.
The second option is to fly via any of the cities that have direct flights to Sharm, although this will involve using separate airlines to get there. Flights to many European destinations can be found quite inexpensively, and from there, direct flights to Sharm are available. Travel planning sites such as Skyscanner or Kiwi can be very useful to find the very cheapest routes.

The final option is to fly via Hurghada, but there are only two flights available each week on Sunday and Tuesday, so it’s okay if you’re on tour and wish to visit both resorts, but not great if you’re on a shorter schedule.

Direct Flights to Sharm

The following is a (possibly complete) list of the cities from which you can fly directly to Sharm in 2018. Note that some flights operate on seasonal timetables.


From Yerevan with Air Cairo.


From Vienna with FTI Tour operator.
From Vienna with ETI Tour operator.
From Vienna with Air Cairo.


From Bruge, Brussels, Charleroi, and Ostend with TUI Fly.

Czech Republic

From Prague with Air Cairo.


From Billund and Copenhagen with Air Cairo.


From Alexandria, Cairo and Hurghada with Egyptair.
From Cairo with Nile Air.


Choose from a plenty of destinations within the UK at TUI


From Berlin, Breman, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, and Nürnberg with Germania.

From Dresden, Nürnberg, Munich, and Dusseldorf with ETI Tour operator.

From Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Leipzig, Munich, Nürnberg and Stuttgart with FTI Tour operator.
From Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Leipzig, Munich and Nürnberg, and Stuttgart with TUI Fly.

From Dusseldorf and Munich with Air Cairo.
From Hamburg, Hannover, and Munich with Small Planet Airlines.


From Tbilisi with Air Cairo.


From Baghdad with Iraq Airways.


From Bologna, Milan, and Verona with Neos.
From Bergamo, Milan, Rome, and Verona with Air Italy.
From Bari, Milan, Naples, Rome with Air Cairo.


From Amman with Royal Jordanian.
From Amman with Jordan Aviation.


From Kuwait City with Kuwait Airways.
From Kuwait City with Egyptair.
From Kuwait City with Jazeera Airways.


From Beirut with Hahn Air.


From Vilnius with Small Planet Airlines.


From Amsterdam with FTI Tour operator. Packages available.


From Oslo with Air Cairo.


From Katowice and Warsaw with Air Cairo.

Saudi Arabia

From Jeddah and Riyadh with Saudia.
From Jeddah with Flynas.


From Istanbul IST with Turkish Airlines.
From Istanbul SAW with Pegasus Airways.


From Basel and Zurich with FTI Tour operator.
From Zurich with Germania.


A wide range of tour operators from many locations.

2) By Road

Finally, for the seasoned traveller, there are several transportation companies that operate a public bus service from Cairo to Sharm. Prices vary a little from a company to another but the price range is $10 ~ $20 depends on bus type.

I can comfortably recommend Blue Bus as it the newest company and has a good reputation in terms of safety and maintenance 

The bus service is regular – comfortable, air-conditioned, and with a toilet. You can book online here

3) By Boat

You can go by fast boat from Hurghada to Sharm El Sheikh. It takes about 1h30 min and cost around 90 US$ for one way. The company is called International Fast Ferries.