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Sharm El Sheikh is a popular resort with the unique culture. Travelers should definitely take a stroll through its busy city streets, visit local markets and try the local food to experience all the subtleties of the national tempo. Usual walk around the city can be a memorable experience; attentive travelers would feel that they were traveling to different countries. The fact is that Sharm El Sheikh has a lot of original districts featuring their own specific atmosphere.

The picturesque Soho area is often called the Little Britain, because it really looks like a classic ​​British town. Here you can find not only a great number of European restaurants, but even original phone booths, exactly the same as could be found on British streets. Indeed, this area is considered the most European in the city. Very beautiful and well maintained, it is ideal for evening walks. Elite Soho also features European-style high prices; there are only high-end shops and dining places. There is also the Little Italy in Sharm El Sheikh; that’s the second name of Il Mercato street. It is also a very attractive place, where you can visit a lot of interesting shops and entertainment venues. As for typical Egyptian areas, the Old Town is still the undisputed leader; it enjoys continued popularity among shoppers. 

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