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Packages never stray from their resort, as Sharm dishes up a glutton’s paradise of enticing restaurants spanning the culinary globe. You should prepare for a wallet washing, however, as eating out here is by no means cheap– still, the foodie manna of multiple cuisines on offer here makes splurging on a slap-up meal well worth the extra expense.


Lebanese is favor of the month in Sharm and this Levantine restaurant will lead you on a mouth-watering journey through the subtle flavors of the Middle East. forgo the main-course menu completely and concentrate on the mezze (starter-sized dishes), which are the heart of any Lebanese dining experience.

Choose a bundle of mezze such as batingan bi laban (aubergine in garlicky yogurt), makinek (spicy sausages) and loubieh (a green-bean stew) to share with delicious fresh-from-the-oven bread. The great-value mezze set menu is the best way to sample a full array of flavors.

Located in king of bahrain St. , Naama Center, 2nd floor, Naama Bay., Sharm El Sheikh 11381, Egypt

Website: Click Here

Abou Al Sid

This branch of the famous Zamalek restaurant now flies the flag for Egyptian cuisine in Sharm, and is one of the few places in town where you can experience the full gamut of Egypt’s national dishes.

Specialties such as molokhiyya (stewed leaf soup), stuffed pigeon and kirsha (spicy lentil stew) are menu highlights. Don’t skip the mezze selection as it’s full of delightfully tasty and tangy surprises.

Located in Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

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El-Masrien’s continued success is due to the fact it delivers succulent kebabs and kofta (mincemeat and spices grilled on a skewer) that perfectly hit the spot, without hiking its prices to try and compete with fancier Sharm restaurants. It’s an old-fashioned neighborhood place with tables pouring out onto the pavement.

Located in Old Market, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

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Safsafa Restaurant

This tiny, cheerful restaurant manages to serve up fresh seafood platters, tagen (stews cooked in a deep clay pot) and pasta at budget-friendly prices.

Located in Old Market | By the exit gate or gate number 2, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

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Hearty portions of Italian classics keep this place full of customers most evenings. Risottos, pasta and a fair whack of seafood are all featured on the menu, as well as favorites like pepper steak.

Located in Center of Na’ama Bay | Camel Dive Club & Hotel, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

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The courtyard of the Camel Hotel is home to what many consider Sharm’s best Indian food, including a selection of tandoori dishes and an excellent dhal makhani (dish of black lentils and red kidney beans).

Located in Center of Na’ama Bay, Camel Hotel, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

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Tam Tam

Great for those who want to sample a range of Egyptian fare. This laid-back waterfront restaurant is the place to while away a few hours while relaxing on cushions overlooking the beach and puffing on a sheesha.

Located in Na’ama Bay | Gazahla Hotel, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Little Buddha

One of the most popular Asian restaurants in Sharm, Little Buddha serves excellent Asian fusion cuisine alongside a fresh and varied sushi bar. Later in the night, it turns into a lounge bar.

Located in Tropitel Hotel Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh 002369, Egypt.

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Sala Thai

Delicious Thai food (fiery curries and delicately spiced noodle dishes) and pleasing aesthetics (teak decor and an outdoor terrace) are yours to enjoy at this comfortable spot overlooking the sea.

Located in Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh | Gardens Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

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All nooks and crannies of scattered Bedouin-style seating, seafront vistas, and decent Italian (vast pasta and pizza menu) dining. Al-Fanar (named after its lighthouse location) is a well-deserved upmarket Sharm dining favorite.

Located in El Fanar St. Beside El Fanar Hotel, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Website: Click Here

Koshary El Sheikh

Egypt’s favorite carbohydrate-fuelled feast, kushari (a blend of pasta, rice, lentils, and fried onion smothered in a tomato sauce) is dished up here.