Currency in Siwa Oasis


Weather And Best Time To Go To Siwa Oasis

The Geographical Location & The Climate Of Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis is located in the western desert of Egypt, in the Governorate of Mersa Matrouh. It lies in a depression in the middle of the desert, approximately 18m below sea level.

The Oasis is 305km southwest of Mersa Matrouh and 420km west of Baharia. Siwa is surrounded on all sides by diverse landscapes. To the north of Siwa is a range of stone outcrops and hills and to the south is the great sand sea of high rolling dunes.

To the east is rocky desert stretching all the way to the Qattara depression, near El-Alamein and to the west is the border with Libya.

The width of the oasis varies between 5 and 27 kilometers and the total area of the depression is 1088km2. Within this larger area, there are 5 separate other deeper depressions. Siwa is known for these distinctive geographical features and the hills, pools, and lakes within them.

The Weather

The weather in Siwa is almost always fine and the sun never fails to shine, but there are some times of the year in which it may be better to come than others. Here is a summary of the temperature and humidity throughout the year

Best Time to go

February 19th to April 29th