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Bir Wahid Tour

A half-day trip to a bubbling hot spring, situated on a beautiful farm in the middle of the sand dunes, approximately 20 km from Siwa.

On the way, you can stop off to swim with the fish at a clear, freshwater lake and rest in the shade of a palm tree shelter. On return to Siwa, you can sit and watch the sunset from the highest dunes in the Great Sand Sea.

(Overnight camping and/or dinner at Bir Wahid are optional) 

Ain Schiffar

The name means “Healing Spring” and the fresh waters here are renowned for their healing properties. Sited close to Dakrour Mountain, this half-day trip takes you on the road that leads to the oldest part of Siwa, Aghurmi, driving past palm and olive groves.

See the sunset from the beautiful high sand dunes close to Dakrour.


Taking the road from Siwa through Maraqi and Bahiydeen, you will drive a further 20 km west through the sand dunes, stopping at areas where fossils can be found, to the breathtakingly beautiful salt lake of Shiata.

This is a place surrounded by palm trees where gazelles come to feed and migratory birds, such as flamingoes visit at certain times of the year. Bathe in the lake and eat lunch, before returning the 45 km to Siwa through the high dunes of the Great Sand Sea.

This trip can also include a visit to the cold lake and Bir Wahid before returning to Siwa.

Bahariya, The White Desert & Farafra

Over 400 km south-east of Siwa oasis of Bahariya. Traveling by jeep you go directly to Bahariya or camp overnight in the dunes on the way, enjoying a traditional Bedouin dinner. In Bahariya you have the option of eating lunch in a restaurant in the town, then visiting the hot spring of Bir al Ghaba that is situated approximately 17 km from the center of Bahariya.

If you want to go further, the safari can be extended to the next oasis of Farafra, almost 200 km from Bahariya. You will camp on the way in the White Desert, a surreally captivating area of desert with spectacularly shaped white rock formations – a place not to be missed.

El Areg, Bahrein & Bahariya

El Areg and Bahrein are situated just off the Siwa to Bahariya road. Areg offers magnificent high mountains and amazing formations of fossilized coral. You can also see tombs carved high into the rocks.

Bahrein lies in a depression and is visited by gazelles that come to graze the palm trees and other vegetation found here. Tombs containing human skulls and bones can be easily accessed to take photographs.

You have the option of one or two nights camping in the desert close to these areas before traveling on to Bahariya.

Russian Well

The Russian Well – Bir Russie is located 150 km from Siwa and can only be accessed by driving through the high dunes of the Great Sand Sea.

This is an incredibly beautiful trip with overnight camping at the foot of the huge dunes that surround the well.

Two/three days safaris can take you on, through the desert, 80 km to Bahrein, then 40 km to El Areg before returning 90 km to Siwa via the village of Abu Shrouf to take a refreshing swim in the spring there.

Alternatively, you can travel from the Bir Russie through the desert to Ain Dela, then on to the White Desert and Bahariya or Farafra.