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Activities And Things To Do In Taba

The main reason people, especially from Israel, visit Taba is the Casino as it is legal there while it is not on the other side of Taba. While staying in Taba, you have a lot of things to see and do and here is the short list.

Spend Your Day At Castle Zaman

 It opens 12 PM. East of the Sinai Peninsula, overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba, this impressive monument commands a dramatic mountainous view of four countries. The exact site signifies a landmark on the ancient road connecting St. Catherine’s Monastery with Jerusalem. Castle Zaman offers exquisite and generous cuisine. Meat and seafood are roasted to perfection with an assortment of fresh vegetables, spices, dates and figs slowly prepared in earthen pots. Preparation takes 1-3.5 hours, time gladly spent by the pool, exploring the underground treasure room, or sipping fresh cocktails by the bar. (Not child-friendly, WiFi available).

Visit Petra On A Day Trip

Usually, this tour starts very early in the morning where you depart your hotel in Taba around 05:00 are collected around 6.00 from your hotel in Taba.

Our representative will guide you through the Taba border and will drive you to the border with Jordan. As you cross to Jordan your tour guide and tour staff will meet you. Here your Jordanian guide will take care of the border procedures and once the visas are issued we are on our way to Petra

This tour is operated daily and usually, you can spend almost 5 hours in Petra.

On the way to Petra, your guide will stop by the amazing and the famous Wadi Rum. Your guide will give you an in-depth briefing on the history of Jordan and its culture.

As you reach the Wadi Rum area the red desert scenery is particularly striking and we take a moment to take in the remarkable views. This area was the base of TE Lawrence during the Arab revolt (Lawrence of Arabia). Nearing Petra we stop once more at a viewpoint overlooking the town of Wadi Musa (Moses Valley) and on a hilltop, in the distance, we can see the shrine, which marks the grave of Aaron, Moses’ brother.

From the visitors’ center at Petra’s entrance, we walk to the Siq Canyon. Horses are available for this walk but a tip is expected from the handlers ($5). We suggest participants walk with their guide to the Siq.

On the route we see the ‘Silica Quarries’, The Jinn Blocks and the first large site the ‘Obelisk Tomb’. At the entrance to the Siq we see the stone damn that protects Petra from floods and the ancient drainage channels of the site. Entering the Siq we see the remains of the Arch that marked the entrance to Petra. We also see the beginning of Petra’s ingenious water system that runs the whole length of the Siq. Within the Siq we find several deities and ancient carvings adorning its towering canyon walls.

At the end of the Siq we find Petra’s most renowned monument, The Treasury (Khazneh). Here we take a few minutes for photographs before continuing our tour along the impressive Street of Facades towards the Nabataean Theater. We get an impression of some of the most impressive graves, the Royal Tombs. If time allows, we walk along the Colonnade Street and visit the Great Temple.

From here we head back to the Siq canyon and Petra’s entrance. We take a late lunch at a restaurant in Wadi Mussa, remember that drinks are not included in the tour price (standard practice). Returning from here to Aqaba and Eilat, en route we see the sunset over Wadi Rum and stop briefly at Aqaba’s colorful Arabian market (souq). After getting an impression of Jordan’s only port city, we return to Eilat than drive back to Taba border and back to your hotel in Taba by evening.

Climb The Sinai Mountain & Visit St. Catherine Monastery

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