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Wadi Al-Natron (is a valley located in Beheira Governorate, Egypt, including a town with the same name. The name refers to the presence of eight different lakes in the region that produce natron salt.

In Christian literature, it is usually known as Scetis and is one of the three early Christian monastic centers located in the desert of the northwestern Nile Delta. The other two monastic centers are Nitria and Kellia.

These three centers are often easily confused and sometimes referred to as a single place (such as “Nitra” or “Nitrian Desert”), but the locales are distinct, though geographically close together and with interrelated histories.

Scetis, now called Wadi Al-Natron, is best known today because its ancient monasteries remain in use, unlike Nitria and Kellia which have only archaeological remains.

The Nitrian Desert is sometimes used to mean the entire region where the monasteries are located. It can also more specifically refer to the immediate area around Nitria and Kellia, with the region around Wadi Al-Natron then more specifically called the Scetis Desert.