Passports and Visas 

Passports and Visas


If you are older than 16, then it’s necessary to own a passport. Furthermore, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the date of departure for you to gain access to Egypt.


If you are a visitor in Egypt, it’s necessary to have a visa. The only people that are exceptions to this law must have National Identity Card given by Germany, Belgium, France, or Portugal. You could get your visa as the closest Egyptian embassy or at the entry point. Note: you should be with a photo passport if you are using your National ID (as noted above) and want to acquire a visa at the entry point. To get a 30-day tourist visa, you need to pay $25 (this is quite absurd; however we don’t accept Egyptian pounds).

Tourist who travel straight to the Sinai Peninsula through Sharm El Sheikh or Nuweiba have two choices, to use the typical 30-day visa that is credible all over Egypt, or to use a 14-day free visa to gain access only to the Sinai tourist zone (which includes St. Catherine). The 30-day visa can be gotten through travel agents in Sinai if you got in with the 14-day free visa and wish to see the rest of Egypt. Also, it’s not difficult to extend it for just a little payment.

Please, note that you cannot get a tourist visa at the border lands across Rafah, Taba, or Saloum, or at international ports of the country like that of Port Said, Alexandria and Safaga. Therefore, you may face issues of acquiring a 30-day visa without the assistance of a travel agent and this may require additional cost. So, it’s suggested that you get you visa before travelling, however it’s faster and easier to obtain a visa at the airport for customary visitors that travel by air.

The Egyptian authorities recently initiated an Online Visa System (Egypt e-Visa). This is electronic travel permission for citizens of licensed countries that want to come to Egypt for tourism. You do not need to go to the Egyptian embassy or consulate in your country to obtain the e-Visa, just go through an online application. This new system was affected by the Egyptian government aimed at quickening the process of visa application for visitors to get travel permission to Egypt. The e-Visa is a single or multiple-entry visa that gives its owner the ability to visit Egypt for 30days maximum and the visa’s validity is for 3 months.

Eligible Countries,

Citizens of the following countries can apply for an e-Visa here.

Albania Australia Austria Belgium United Kingdom
Bulgaria Canada Croatia Cyprus United States of America
Czechia Denmark Estonia Finland Russian Federation
France Germany Greece Holy See Serbia
Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Slovakia
Japan Korea Latvia Lithuania Slovenia
Luxembourg Macedonia Malta Moldova Portugal
Monaco Montenegro Netherlands New Zealand Romania
Norway Poland

Citizens of counties that aren’t eligible for the e-Visa would have to get a prior to arrival visa from an Egyptian embassy or consulate closest to them in their country. Counties like India or China would need particular processes by their local travel agencies. So you can help reach your consultant to assist you with an entry visa. The requirements of a visa could change unnoticeably. Therefore, ensure you search for the newest requirement before obtaining a visa.

Updated On March 18, 2020