Sands Bahariya Lodge

About Sands Bahariya Lodge 

Located 350km on the Cairo-Bahariya road. Sands Bahariya Lodge will introduce you to cities of ancient wonder throughout the Bahariya Oasis while making you feel at home in an ecological paradise.

Sands Bahariya is an ecologically-friendly travel destination with an experience that embraces the local heritage while promoting water conservation, energy efficiency, and the recycling of the resort’s products. 

Building architecture, interior decoration, and land construction are made from indigenous materials that are harmonious with the traditional lifestyle of the breathtaking Western Desert.36 acres of relaxing greenery and rolling hills, and a water spring that supplies the lodge with underground water filtered by an age-old purifying mechanism.

Hotel Facilities:

24 rooms “Bedrooms inspired by the desert.”
Modem Internet connection
Swimming pool
Lounge area
24h front desk
Bedouin-style tent with refreshments

Room Amenities:

Air Conditioning
Safety deposit box
Pets Are Not Allowed

Are You Ready To Live In This Paradise?