Shamsiya Camp El-Dakhla Oasis

Shamsiya Camp El-Dakhla Oasis

Hotel Facilities:

The name Shamsiya comes from the Egyptian meaning of a large sun hat that protects the people from the afternoon sun. As our camp is located in the middle of the desert dunes, the tents are somewhat like the hats, protecting our clients from the sun.

Cafeteria Tents made of wood Private Deck
Restaurant Farms View Room Service
Dining in Tent BBQ Dinners Stargazing Experience
All Inclusive Concept Eco-Tours Desert Safari

Room Amenities:

 Each tent is made out of wood and covered with material; protecting our guest from the sun and allowing a slight breeze go through the tent. They are equipped with two beds (set-up for double bed is possible), a bathroom, a private dressing room, and furnished with hand made furniture following the style of the Bedouins. Furthermore, each tent comes with its private deck where clients can enjoy their afternoon tea and watch the sunset. Everything from the service to the accommodation will be nature friendly as we respect our environment and want to marvel at it and leave it untouched. The camp has a cafeteria that can be enjoyed all day long and a restaurant where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. All the food is locally grown, making it fresh and tasty. Shamsiya is a great place to relax and be surrounded by tradition way of life.

Tents made of wood Equipped with two beds Bottled water, for a fee
Private Decks Bathroom Room service
Private Dressing room

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Shamsiya Camp El-Dakhla Oasis