Travelers With Disabilities

Travelers with Disabilities in Egypt

People should not be stopped from traveling due to infirmities. As never before, there are several means available, but Egypt has a number of problems.

Problems faced are typical of Cairo: unavailability of slopes, elevated ledge and damaged sidewalks. This scenario is better in congested tourist areas.

For example hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh and Luxor have rooms approachable with wheelchairs, and resource divecenters are on the rise to help handicapped people.

Companies offering different services to handicapped travelers include;

SATH [Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality; tel.212:447-7284;]

Air presently collaborates with SATH and gives you options for high-class hospitals in the event of an emergency.

Access-able travel source [tel.303/232-2979;] provides a detailed database on travel agents from different places, with knowledge on accessible travel; destination-specific access information and access to services such as equipment lending, access guides and service animals.

Flying with disability [] is a well detailed source of info on airplane travel.

You can as well look-up the Quarterly magazine Emerging Horizons [], obtainable by subscription.

The “Accessible travel” site at www.mobility gives several travel aids to handicapped people.

British travelers should get in touch with Holiday care [tel.0845-124-9971 U.K only;],to have a variety of travel info and aids for handicapped and elderly people.