Travelers With Disabilities

Travelers with Disabilities in Egypt

People should not be stopped from traveling due to infirmities. As never before, there are several means available, but Egypt has a number of problems. Problems faced are typical of Cairo: unavailability of slopes, elevated ledge and damaged sidewalks. This scenario is better in congested tourist areas. For example, hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh and Luxor have rooms approachable with wheelchairs, and resource. Diving centers are on the rise to help handicapped people.

Here are some companies offering different services to handicapped travelers that we recommend for a traveller with disability to contact before deciding on a tour to Egypt.

The American foundation for the blind [AFB]

Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality

Presently collaborates with SATH and gives you options for high-class hospitals in the event of an emergency.

Provides a detailed database on travel agents from different places, with knowledge on accessible travel; destination-specific access information and access to services such as equipment lending, access guides and service animals.

A well detailed source of info on airplane travel.

An obtainable by subscription magazine

An “Accessible travel” site at gives several travel aids to handicapped people.

British travelers should get in touch with Holiday Care to have a variety of travel info and aids for handicapped and elderly people.

Updated On March 18, 2020