Why Travel With Us

Why Travel With Us?

At a point in everyone’s life, there is a need to travel. Many people think of traveling when they are young, fresh away from school and brimming with confidence and ideas.

For others, it might be a mid to late life calling to go beyond the monotony of the everyday nine to five and finally see some of this beautiful world.

We are not dealing with a beach vacation here, but the need to embark on a roving journey. If you have a dream about seeing the Earth, you will discover New Winner Tours is usually in the dream-fulfilling business.

We are a renowned company with vast experience as a travel guide in Egypt. Since 1998 we have been in business and have guided thousands of satisfied clients through Egypt. This experience gives us unbeatable knowledge in meeting the needs of our clients’ satisfaction and safety. Furthermore, we guarantee you will receive excellent service from start to finish.

Our tours are designed around the wants of our clients to create the best possible experiences in Egypt. We maintain total transparency with clients. All guidelines properly and expenses are explained upfront and there are no hidden expenses.

We are always developing and looking for ways to make your trip more exciting. We don’t only take you from place to place for sightseeing, but make sure your trip is full of fun and excitement. Our team will guide you with in-depth knowledge of every location you will visit. Our drivers are highly skilled and client safety is our first priority.

We carefully select each location and restaurant to ensure our clients get the best and highest quality purchases. Our tours allow you to sit back and enjoy sights and knowledge without worry. 

Simply, we treat our clients the way we want to be treated! We put people before profit. We ‘under-commit & over-deliver.’ we do the ‘right thing’ when nobody’s looking. Yes, we provide an old-fashioned service.