6 Filming Locations of Movies about Egypt
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“Onwards to fun!”

At one time or another, we’ve all wanted to board a plane for Egypt after watching an adventure flick. Heck, Egypt’s tourism industry thrives because romanticists crank out novels, film, and even music. But suppose you don’t want to explore any ol’ tomb in Egypt. Today we look at several popular films and their corresponding ‘in-real-life’ locations. If, between mouthfuls of popcorn, you’ve asked, “Where’s that?”, continue reading!

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

England calls upon the world’s greatest secret agent with the least secret identity to stop a megalomaniac. Again. Bond travels to Egypt to procure an advanced submarine tracking technology’s blueprint. Bobbing and weaving around temple columns, he eludes the hygienically challenged Jaws.

Fans can retrace 007’s footsteps through Karnak Temple in Luxor. Mind your bearings because Karnak covers two-hundred acres! The complex receives heavy tourist traffic numbers second only to the Giza Pyramids. Cross ‘Being Bond’ off your bucket list with a private tour starting at $38. Jaws not included.

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Indiana Jones races against Hitler’s Third Reich for the original face melter. Cairo’s marketplace is the backdrop for one enthusiastic swordsman’s fateful encounter with Indy. An unsporting bullet to his chest leaves Jones’ would-be assailant cursing Smith & Wesson. Later, wielding the Staff of Ra, Jones and Co. locate the Well of Souls in ancient Tanis.

First, some bad news. The Well of Souls does indeed exist – in Jerusalem. But you can most definitely visit the Tanis ruins! Once upon a time, Tanis concealed treasures worthy of a Spielberg flick.

And while the famous marketplace scene was actually filmed in Tunisia, Cairo’s Khan el-Khalili bazaar retains its old world charm. Venture into the market with a private tour or as part of the full Egypt and Red Sea package.

Travel2Egypt offers no formal modern Tanis (San el-Hagar) tour, but those after Indy’s heart will find it ninety-three miles northeast of Cairo. We’ll help you make that first step with accommodations in Cairo’s elegant hotels.

The Mummy (1999)

We score Brendan Fraser’s white-knuckle action an A+. Faithfulness to Egyptian historicity? It barely makes the grade. Hamunaptra cannot be found on any map. That said, there are fascinating substitutes and Cairo and Thebes are two locations featured in the film.

Luxor, formerly ancient Thebes, is divided into the ‘City of the Dead’, west, and the ‘City of the Living’, east. Travel2Egypt offers a plethora of Luxor tours and packages. The Grand West Bank Tour is ideal for Fraser fans. No Mummy themed vacation is complete without visiting The Valley of the Kings and Queens.

A second ‘City of the Dead’ refers to Cairo’s Necropolis. It, specifically the Tombs of the Mamluks, can be seen in our Islamic Cairo Day Tour.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

There is something surreal about watching giant robots destroy historic landmarks. Most scenes were filmed in Jordan but Giza’s Pyramids set the stage for a showdown between Autobots and Decepticons. Our Classic Family Adventure package is perfect for fans aged four through forty. Say what you will about director Michael Bay. At least fans now have an excuse to tour Egypt.

The Ten Commandments (1956)

What list’s complete without the film involuntarily thought of when asked, “Name a show featuring Egypt.” Adopted son to Egyptian royalty, Moses denounces Pharaoh and demands his people, the Israelites, freedom. We’ve addressed locality a little bit in our blog post ‘Hollywood vs History’. Given the timeframe, ancient Memphis is a candidate for Pharaoh’s capital.

Self-idolatry is a running theme in DeMille’s epic. Nowhere is this more conspicuous than Ramesses’ statue, one of the tallest in the world, in Memphis. See the Pharaoh’s ego made manifest with our Eternal Egypt package. Or, for a private day tour, the Memphis & Saqqara special. Few truly appreciate Moses’ plight until a stone colossus towers over them.

We can’t promise you’ll outrun boulders, seduce a spy, or part the Red Sea (insurance reasons), but travel2egypt will arrange the next best thing. Know somebody that loved these movies ever since they hit the silver screen? Do them a favour and share this post! 

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