Why Choose Us?

Custom Made Itineraries

Travel2Egypt has created more than 130 ready-made tours, 95% are tailor made to maximise your Egyptian journey. Every detail is taken care of, so you don’t need to worry about missing anything or paying for any surprise add-ons. Our inclusive day tours and packages are presented at affordable prices and are delivered to consistently high standards.

The unique travel itineraries of Travel2Egypt suit your needs and desires, so that you can explore and experience everything first-hand. Our tours offer authentic travel adventures, that are unrivalled.

Expert Locals Who Know What Guide Books Don’t!

For 2 decades, we have worked with the best tour guides to create an array of tours that provide you with the knowledge and experiences you are looking for, in the wonderful country of Egypt.

All our professional guides provide relevant and interesting information and support across the board, whilst speaking in your preferred language. They provide access to all the historical and cultural sites on your travel bucket list and they never compromise on quality!

Small is Best!

Throughout our 20+ years, we have deliberately remained a small business. We are not a faceless organisation obsessed with the idea of ‘sell sell sell’. Travel2Egypt understands that your adventures are special and we want to provide an incredible rounded experience, opposed to an opportunity to sight see.

Part of being a small business means that our staff know each and every one of you by name. This contributes to making your holiday to Egypt, a private and friendly one. We are incredibly focused on you and we put time and expertise into every tour, providing a second to none travel adventure that suits and fits each individual.