Host Family Plans

Experience The Best Of Egypt Family Host Plans

Has your child ever wondered what it might be like to live in another country?  With our Egypt tour add-on they can find out! Your child aged 16 and up can experience the same thing an exchange student might for a couple of days, rounding out their Egyptian experience in a way that few have experienced before. Here what they will be able to experience:

  • See the main Egyptian attractions including the Pyramids at Giza and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo
  • Enjoy a 2-day weekend living in the home of an Egyptian family
  • Experience Egyptian culture first hand
  • Taste authentic homemade Egyptian food
  • Share their culture with the members of the Egyptian host family
  • Enjoy real Egyptian entertainment (age appropriate)

Your child will be matched with a family whose child is close in age and is the same gender. The host family will also be fluent in your child’s language so that there will not be a communication gap. This unique opportunity to immerse themselves into another culture will not be forgotten. It will impact their lives forever, giving them a better understanding of what life is like outside of their purview. Contact us to schedule this life-changing opportunity!