Traveling to Egypt In The Time of Coronavirus
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What Will Travel To Egypt Look Like After The Coronavirus

Visiting Egypt is a dream trip for many. It holds a sacred piece of history for many religions, it satisfies countless curiosities, and it’s unlike any other country in the world, making the trip a once in a lifetime experience for many. 

After months of isolation from the rest of the world, Egypt is about reopening its doors again. Welcoming tourists and international visitors with open arms, Egypt has been eager to display all it has to offer. The global pandemic has, however, changed how we travel for the unforeseeable future. 

One of the biggest changes will be in how we plan our visits. Egypt is like any other country and isolation is easy to find if you know where to go. Having insider knowledge and assistance will be essential in planning the perfect trip.



This article will aim to help you, our welcomed visitor, understand what the road looks like ahead, how to arrange your future travels, what the best options are and what Egypt is doing to safeguard our people and guests.

Arranging Your Future Trips to Egypt

In the wake of the coronavirus, staying at home has been the number one call to action. The reason, by staying home, staying with people we know, we could stop the spread of the virus. This has greatly affected our freedom to travel and explore, but it was absolutely necessary. 

In Egypt, the situation has been the same – our government has stepped up measures aimed at preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Our airports and gyms were closed, classes and university studies were suspended. All shops other than essential service providers were required to close at 5 p.m. on weekdays, as well as on weekends. These measures were drastic, but they have helped us keep our numbers low and stop the spread.


Why Local Tour Operators Are Essential to a Safe and Informed Holiday 

The pandemic has ushered us into a new era in terms of travel. As the pandemic starts to subside, life will carry on but travel will never be as it was before. With health as the number one priority, travellers need to make use of local knowledge to avoid travelling to hotspots, to stay at less crowded lodges and resorts and to take part in activities that are open and safe. 

You won’t be able to get this information in real-time off the internet unless it’s from an actual person living in Egypt. Tour operators, agents and guides will need to change the way they serve clients. No longer is an online form or a chatbot good enough. We need real people to answer real questions.


Will Egypt Tourism Recover? 

Egypt is like any other country when it comes to the impact on the coronavirus on tourism. It has shut down our borders and grounded our flights. Tourism is at a standstill. That being said, our faith lies in the fact that Egypt holds a shared history for many, coming to Egypt is like coming home. Our mysteries are shared, it isn’t Egypt’s Pyramids, it is our pyramids. 

We will do our best to protect and welcome our visitors and we will continue to do our best to share our world wonders.

Your Safety Throughout Your Trip To Egypt

Globally, drastic changes need to be made to how we travel. When planning your trip, make sure that the following aspects have been taken into consideration by your travel agent:

  • Transportation

From your flight to the shuttle that takes you to your accommodation – you need to know that every precaution has been taken to keep you and all employees safe. When dealing with a private tour operator, they can ensure that the airline you choose is the best in terms of safety measures taken and that the shuttle is private. 

  • Lodging

Lodging needs to be private and staff need to be well prepared for guests. The highest cleaning standards need to be maintained at all times. Local tour operators can help guests choose lodging they trust themselves.

  • Resorts

Resorts won’t be picking up any time soon, meaning there could be great deals and fewer crowds. However, if you buy a deal online, it’s possible that thousands of others saw the same deal. You need to know about the deals that aren’t being advertised to make sure you don’t get stuck in a dangerous situation.


  • Restaurants

Restaurants are all encouraged to take the relevant precautions and hygiene measures, but knowing where to go that offers the best quality food and conforms to the social distancing recommendations won’t be something you can find online. 

  • Attractions

Visiting attractions will be about going at the perfect time, or knowing about quiet alternatives in real-time. The best is to wait until you arrive to get the help of your guide to plan each day.


Once restrictions are lifted and travel resumes, make sure that you get the best information while planning your trip, to ensure your safety and a great experience. Travel2Egypt is a locally owned travel agency, no bots, no automation. When you speak to us, you speak to a real person with a family and similar concerns. We are here to help, please feel free to contact us for any assistance.

For the latest coronavirus stats in Egypt and other information, please visit our site here.

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