Get to Know Our Agency Disclaimer

Golden Winner Tours Inc. acts solely as an agent for various suppliers of travel and other services (i.e., cruise lines, tour companies, hotels, airlines, railroads, and/or owners or contractors providing accommodations, transportation and/or other related services), herein referred to as the “supplier” Golden Winner Tours does not own, manage, control, promote, run, or operate any transportation or recreational vehicle, motel, hotel, restaurant or any supplier of services.

All exchange orders, coupons and/or tickets are offered subject to the General Information and Terms and Conditions under such services are provided by the suppliers.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Delays, cancellations and overbookings may occur on air flights, cruises, and land reservations by the participating carriers and suppliers. Golden Winner Tours cannot and will not assume responsibility for their or anyone’s acts.

Golden Winner Tours shall not be held liable for potential risks and any and all hazards associated with travel where injury of any type, delays or methods of doing business or substandard or negative conditions or any other adverse conditions have or may occur.

Deposit or payment for travel services constitutes consent to all terms, conditions and agency Disclaimer. GOLDEN WINNER TOURS, INC. shall not be responsible nor assume any liability for any of the following:

Any cancellation of services by the supplier of any liability in arranging transportation, hotel and other accommodations Golden Winner Tours is not responsible for personal injury, illness or property damage or other loss or expense of any nature whatsoever arising directly or indirectly out of any actions of any person or supplier of services, programs or accommodations. You are participating in any travel arrangements at your own risk and New Winner Tours assumes no responsibility for disappointments at all or for any death, injury, illness, sickness, disease, natural disaster, injury, loss, delay, accident, expenses or defect that may result from your travel. Travel Insurance is strongly recommended to cover the costs of some of these items. All such losses or expenses will have to be borne by the passenger, who again is advised to take travel insurance which is available at Travel Nomad. Any change or modifications by the supplier of itineraries, air carrier, routing, scheduling, departure date, level of accommodations, etc. Fluctuations in fares, rates, exchange rates, surcharges, taxes, fees and/or price differentials. Unique Travel’s sole responsibility is to book your travel and will not be responsible for anything other than booking your travel. All travel is solely the responsibility of the Passenger and not of Unique Travel.
If you wish to leave from any city other than the gateway cities provided in the cruise/tour package, etc. or elect to change the air routing provided by the cruise/tour package, Golden Winner Tours will at your direction, reschedule your transportation at the adjusted current tariff and deviation charges.

It is the responsibility of the passenger to re-confirm his/her flights with the airlines. Flights may be missed due to schedule changes or other acts and air schedule changes may cause cancellations.

All cruise line/tour companies have their own cancellation policies, It is the responsibility of the purchaser to acquaint him/herself with said policy.

Should cancellation become necessary, please inform New Winner Tours immediately in writing and request a written confirmation of your cancellation. Upon, receipt, Golden Winner Tours will follow industry procedures for a refund as outlined in the supplier’s brochure and subject to their review.

Refunds are usually finalized within (8) weeks

In addition to any and all cancellation penalties imposed by the cruise line/tour operator, etc., New Winner Tours may assess the following cancellation penalties:

$75.00 per person administrative fee for any cruise/tour cancelled by the client. (100 DAYS OR MORE PRIOR TO DEPARTURE).
For cancellations made within 99 days of departure, a cancellation fee of 15% of the total package may be assessed.
Trip cancellation/interruption insurance, which covers the cancellation penalties, is strongly recommended. Health and baggage insurance is also available.
Special insurance waiving the pre-existing conditions exclusion may be available but must be taken and paid for within 7 days of deposit.

Providing Golden Winner Tours with credit card information for payment assumes that the passengers and clients are authorizing this credit card information to be used for payment of their travel plans, both deposits and final payments for travel arrangements made by Golden Winner Tours.

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