Egypt Travel Tips

About Egypt

When you’re in Egypt, some patience, a nice smile and some simple humor work like magic in solving many problems and bypassing many obstacles on the way.


Airports In Egypt

The complete list of Airports and Heliports in Egypt. Directory of Airports in Egypt including size, in operation or not and all IATA and ICAO codes.


Visiting a Religious Site

These are the important customs a traveler, especially a woman-traveller should know when it comes to visiting Islamic or Coptic sights for sightseeing.


Sights's Entrance Fees

HISTORICAL & CULTURAL SIGHTS’ ENTRANCE FEES IN EGYPT. The most up to date prices announced by The Supreme Council of Antiques in Egypt.


Bargaining in Egypt

The Art of Bargaining in Egypt. You will learn how not to overpay, and get a lower price, the art of bargaining in bazaars and local markets in Egypt.


Currency in Egypt

What is the currency used in Egypt? What is the exchange rate against the major world currencies? Where to exchange your hard currency in Egypt? 


Gay and Lesbian

Lesbian, gay, and bisexual travelers can face challenges when traveling in Egypt. Laws and attitudes in Egypt are different from where you come from. 


Getting There

Getting there. The majority of travelers to Egypt fly in as there are many flights from Europe & USA. Also, there are other ways to get to Egypt as well.


Health & Safety

How to stay safe and healthy while traveling in Egypt? A complete guide about scams, crime, health and how to get out the best of your holiday in Egypt.


Language in Egypt

Egyptians love it when tourists know some Arabic words like “Shokran” “Salam Alaikum” This would create a nice sense between the locals & the foreigners.


Opening Hours

Work hours and vacation: A full work week is generally considered five 8-hour work days in Egypt, from Sunday through Thursday to a maximum of six full days.


Passport & Visa

This is a part of our frequently asked questions that give visitors more detailed information about regulations of obtaining regular gentry visa to Egypt.


Ramadan in Egypt

How can Ramadan affect your vacation in Egypt? What etiquette should a traveler to Egypt during Ramadan follow to get a more enjoyable trip?


Student Travelers

Egypt is interesting to a student. Being a student that almost traveling on a tight budget you need to know how to get the most out of your trip.



Whether you will visit major cities, small villages along the Nile, or even have a safari in the desert. You need to know about telephones in Egypt.


Time in Egypt

The notion of time is in fact, different from one country to the other and one culture to the other. 5 minutes in Egypt might mean from 10 to 20 minutes.


Tips for Families

Considering a family vacation to Egypt but feel a little bit worry? Please do not. Read this information about how to get the best family holiday in Egypt.


Tips for Solo Women

Have you heard a lot of mixed information about how difficult for a solo female to survive in Egypt? If your answer is YES, then click on the above link &..


Tips on Accommodation

Planning to visit Egypt anytime soon? Wondering about the hotels’ categories, services & prices?. Explore all a traveler needs to know about hotels in Egypt.


Tipping {Baksheesh}

Tipping in Egypt is a serious business. Why, When, how, who? Here is the most complete and up to date guide for Tipping in Egypt Mar 2020. Read before you go!


Transportation in Egypt

A traveler to Egypt has a lot of options when it comes to Transportation in Egypt. Planes, Trains {including sleeping train} Buses, Ferries, Taxis, and Uber.


Travel Insurance

Travel insurance for Egypt – All you need to know about travel insurance for Egypt. Recommended Travel Insurance Companies for Travel Insurance to Egypt.


Traveling with Kids

Traveling in Egypt with kids. Honest advice on traveling with kids in Egypt from health & safety to the best activities kids can enjoy on a holiday in Egypt.


Travel with Disabilities

Solutions that work for travelers with disabilities visiting Egypt. Get to know how can a traveler with disabilities enjoy free a hassle Egypt to the fullest.


Toilets In Egypt

Toilets in Egypt. Sit down, stand up, paper or jet stream? Hotels & restaurants offer a restroom which is very clean & easily comparable to western standards.


Touts and Scams

Avoid travel scams while exploring amazing Egypt. Here is a piece of advice to avoid being scammed whether by a taxi driver at the Airport or by middlemen during ..


Vegetarian Travelers

Planning a trip to Egypt? Looking forward to exploring new sites & tasting local, ethnic vegetarian food and vegan food in Egypt? Here are your practical tips.


Distance Between Cities

How far is Aswan from Cairo? See the most accurate distance to other cities from Cairo – A list of major cities in Egypt measured in kilometers (km).


Electricity in Egypt

The electric current in Egypt is 220V.  Therefore it is recommended to have an electricity converter with travelers to use the gadgets he brings from home.



All information a traveler to Egypt needs to know about internet connectivity and WIFI availability along with its prices and how to get it for free. The full story.