Egypt Travel Tips

Sunset over the Pyramids of Giza

About Egypt

In Egypt, patience, smiles, and humor effortlessly navigate challenges and open doors to enriching experiences:
Airplane at the Gate with Mountainous Backdrop

Airports In Egypt

Latest entrance fees for Egypt's historical and cultural sites, as set by the Supreme Council of Antiquities:
Alabaster Mosque in Cairo

Visiting a Religious Site

Key customs for travelers, particularly women, to respect when visiting Islamic and Coptic sites in Egypt:
Interior of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Sights's Entrance Fees

Latest entrance fees for Egypt's historical and cultural sites, as set by the Supreme Council of Antiquities:
Assortment of Spices in a Market

Bargaining in Egypt

Mastering Bargaining in Egypt: Techniques to Avoid Overpaying in Bazaars and Local Markets:
Close-Up of an Egyptian Pound Coin

Currency in Egypt

Egypt's currency, exchange rates with major currencies, and best places for currency exchange in Egypt:
LGBT Rainbow Lettering

Gay and Lesbian

Challenges for LGBTQ+ travelers in Egypt due to differing laws and societal attitudes from home:
Airport Signage and Busy Terminal

Getting There

Most visitors fly to Egypt from Europe and the USA, with alternative travel options available:
Health And Safety

Health & Safety

Comprehensive guide on staying safe and healthy in Egypt, covering scams, crime, and health tips:
Multilingual Welcome Word Cloud

Language in Egypt

Using Arabic words like 'Shokran' and 'Salam Alaikum' endears tourists to Egyptians, enhancing interactions:
Opening Hours And Public Holidays

Opening Hours

In Egypt, a standard workweek spans five to six days, with eight-hour days, Sunday through Thursday:

Passport & Visa

Part of our FAQ providing detailed information on regulations for obtaining a regular entry visa to Egypt:

Ramadan in Egypt

Impact of Ramadan on Egypt vacations and etiquette tips for travelers to enhance their experience.

Student Travelers

Egypt for students: Essential tips on maximizing travel experiences while adhering to a tight budget.


Know about using telephones in Egypt, essential for visiting cities, Nile villages, or desert safaris.
Time in Egypt

Time in Egypt

In Egypt, 'five minutes' can mean 10-20, showcasing cultural differences in perception of time.
A happy family enjoying a scenic boat ride on the Nile River in Egypt

Tips for Families

Planning a family vacation to Egypt? Read our guide for an unforgettable and worry-free holiday.
A woman standing in an airport, facing a large flight information display.

Tips for Solo Women

Concerned about solo female travel in Egypt? Click above for clear guidance and helpful tips.
"Close-up of a black suitcase with an unfocused background of a hotel room with a well-made bed.

Tips on Accommodation

Planning an Egypt trip? Discover everything about hotel categories, services, and prices for travelers:
Tipping In Egypt

Tipping {Baksheesh}

Complete, updated guide to tipping in Egypt: Why, when, how, and who. Essential pre-travel read:
A white van traveling down a dusty road at sunset in a vast, open landscape.

Transportation in Egypt

Numerous transport options in Egypt: Planes, trains, buses, ferries, taxis, Uber for travelers' convenience.
Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

All about travel insurance for Egypt: Key information and recommended companies for your trip.
Traveling with Kids

Traveling with Kids

Honest advice for traveling in Egypt with kids: Health, safety, and enjoyable activities for families.
Travel with Disabilities

Travel with Disabilities

Effective solutions for travelers with disabilities in Egypt: Tips for a hassle-free, enjoyable experience.
Toilets In Egypt

Toilets In Egypt

Egyptian toilets: Various styles, high cleanliness in hotels and restaurants, on par with Western norms.
A towering electricity pylon against a dynamic sky with fast-moving clouds.

Electricity in Egypt

Egypt's toilets: Variety and cleanliness in hotels and restaurants, meeting or exceeding Western standards.
Touts In Egypt

Touts and Scams

Egypt uses 220V electricity; travelers are advised to bring converters for their home gadgets:
A ground-level view of a road with vibrant yellow double lines stretching into the distance.

Distance Between Cities

Accurate distances from Cairo to major Egyptian cities including Aswan, listed in kilometers:
Vegetarian Travelers to Egypt

Vegetarian Travelers

Plan your Egypt trip with practical tips for exploring sites and enjoying local vegetarian and vegan cuisine:
Wireless router with Wi-Fi signal illustration on a blurred background.


Complete guide for travelers on internet connectivity, WIFI availability, pricing, and free access in Egypt.
egypt food koshary

Culinary Journey in egypt

Egyptian cuisine, a fusion of various civilizations that have traversed the Nile
Silhouette of a caravan of camels and riders against the setting sun in the desert

Egypt Weather Guide

By understanding the climate patterns and preparing accordingly, you can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable

Cultural Etiquette

The country is a tapestry of ancient traditions and modern influences, creating a unique cultural landscape.

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