Ramadan In Egypt

Ramadan in Egypt

The view of Egypt during Ramadan is very different. The whole Egypt will be seen from an extraordinary point. Depending on the lunar year, Ramadan falls on the 9th month of the Islamic Calendar. That’s why Ramadan differs from year to year. The Ramadan is the honor of the time when the almighty started showing passages of the holy Koran, which is the holy Book of Muslims to Prophet Mohammed. During this time in Egypt, beautiful ornamentation, prayers, and celebrations are held. A discipline of self-control, tolerance, mercy, blessing and prayers are all features of Ramadan.

“Ramadan Karim” which means Generous or Blessing is Ramadan is the habitual greeting in Egypt. Normally, the Muslims fast; stay away from eating, drinking, smoking and other pleasurable activities from morning till night daily. They get up before it’s bright to have a light meal before the fasting begins which is called “SoHor,” and when the fast is over during sunset they break their fast with what is called “Iftar.” This SoHor and Iftar are the major meals for Muslims through the Ramadan period. It’s very usual for large tables to be set on the streets filled with Egyptian local meals which are supported by contributions of merchants and wealthy people. Furthermore, the Ramadan nights are known for the local music shows and entertaining activities, after the prayer of Quiam is held in the mosque.

Finally, do not forget also that in Ramadan most of the museums, historical sites and temples have especially timetable and close almost one hour earlier than the normal time. Also many restaurants may refrain from selling all alcoholic drinks during the holy month of Ramadan.

Updated On March 18, 2020

Decoration of Ramadan

The people of Egypt beautify their homes, streets and market with a Ramadan Lantern called “Fanoos”. They also honor a feast for 3 days at the end of this month. The feast is called “Eid El-Fitr.” People greet one another by saying Eid Said which stands for Happy Feast, or Eid El-Fitr El-Mubarak which stands for Blessed Feast.

If you visit Egypt during the Ramadan period, your experience will be amazing, particularly at night. During that time, the best places to visit are El Moez St., the outdoor museum of Islamic monuments, where you can enjoy the entire night.

Al Azhar area is full of interesting shops and all kinds of handicrafts like copper, pottery, and silver and gold.

Wekalet El Ghouri is an entertainment place where you can watch local folklore art in the evening especially the Tanoora Dance. And finally, You will find the Coloured Traditional lantern of Ramadan everywhere (Fanus) nearly everywhere, in balconies, Entrance of Shops, Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Malls.