Tips for Families

A Family-Friendly Guide

Navigating Egypt with Children: Tips for Families Guide

Egypt’s family-oriented society warmly welcomes children, making it a delightful destination for families. Here’s what you need to know when traveling in Egypt with kids:

Family-Friendly Culture

  1. Welcoming Atmosphere:
    • Children are embraced in almost all settings. It’s common for staff at restaurants and hotels to interact playfully with young children, often entertaining them while parents dine.
  2. Child-Oriented Activities:
    • While Egypt offers fewer child-specific activities compared to some other countries, there are still plenty of experiences that children can enjoy.
    • Historical sites, cultural experiences, and natural attractions can be fascinating for kids.
  3. Safety Standards:
    • Be aware that equipment in parks and zoos may not meet Western safety standards. Always supervise your children closely in these environments.

Finding Kid-Friendly Options

  1. Accommodations and Dining:
    • Look for the “Kids” icon in travel guides and online resources to identify accommodations and restaurants that are particularly welcoming to children.
  2. Attractions:
    • Many historical and cultural sites in Egypt are kid-friendly, but it’s a good idea to check in advance for any age restrictions or child-specific amenities.
  3. Travel Guides:
    • Consider resources like “Frommer’s 500 Places to Take Your Kids Before They Grow Up” for more ideas on child-friendly destinations in Egypt.

Tips for Traveling in Egypt With Children

  1. Plan for the Climate:
    • Egypt can be very hot, especially in summer. Ensure your children stay hydrated and protected from the sun.
  2. Cultural Engagement:
    • Encourage your children to learn about Egyptian culture and history. Many sites are not only educational but also quite captivating for young minds.
  3. Health and Safety:
    • Carry a basic first-aid kit and be cautious with food and water to avoid common travel-related illnesses.
  4. Rest and Downtime:
    • Balance your itinerary with enough downtime. Over-scheduling can be overwhelming for children.
  5. Transportation:
    • Consider private transportation options for greater comfort and flexibility when traveling with kids.

Traveling with children in Egypt can be a rewarding experience for the whole family, offering a blend of educational, cultural, and fun activities. With a little planning and awareness, your family trip to Egypt can be a memorable and enjoyable adventure.

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