Getting There

Getting There!

By Plane through Cairo

Cairo International Airport (CAI) is the main international center for Egypt. EgyptAir, which has a practical domestic domination, uses it as its focal point for internal flights. Two other airports exist in Cairo, thought they are both used solely for private internal and government flights

Various huge European and Middle Eastern airlines have customary flights into Cairo International. These include Air France, Alitalia, Austrian Air, British Airways, Czech Airlines, Emirates, Gulf Air, Iberia, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Kuwait Airlines, Lufthansa, Malaysian Airlines, Maley, Olympic Airlines, Royal Jordanian, Saudi Arabian, Swiss International, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Turkish Airlines. The Egyptian national carrier, Egypt-Air, also operates flights to most major European centers and has a daily direct flight to New York.

By Plane through Sharm El Shiekh (SSH)

Sharm El Shiekh International Airport (SSH) at present receives international flights worldwide from major airlines such as Alitalia, Austrian Air, British Airways, LOT Polish Airlines, Royal Jordanian, and Swiss International, as well as many discounted operators such as Air One, Condor, Eurofly, and Transavia. This is a great entry point to the Sinai. Dahab, St. Catherine, and Taba are a few hours’ drive from Sharm, and Egypt-Air flights are inexpensive and realistically consistent. On rare occasions, this airport is also referred to by its Israeli name “Ophira”.

By Plane through Alexandria Burg al Arab (HBE)

At the outpost of Alexandria further than Al Nozha, having more contemporary facilities and a longer runway, this airport is utilized by EgyptAir, Emirates, and Lufthansa/United Airlines. A transport is available from the airport into the middle of Alexandria; any of the express trains from Ramses are a more enjoyable way to arrive, at around two and half hours, quicker considering the transfer time.

By Plane through Alexandria al Nozha (ALY)

In close proximity to the city than the Burg al Arab facilities, Al Nozha has an awkwardly short runway and is only utilized by Egypt-Air. Airfare from Cairo is the same as for Burg al Arab. Except you are one for exciting touchdowns, you would be better off using the trains from Ramses.

By Plane through Luxor International (LXR)

This airport is used mostly by local Egypt-Air flights and international discounted charter carriers such as My Air, TNT, and Transavia (which runs popular direct flights to Amsterdam). Flight time from Cairo is about an hour, making this an exceptional substitute to the tiresome and often bumpy 12-hour train ride from Cairo.

By Plane through Aswan al Daraw (ASW)

Egypt-Air makes use of this small but astonishingly new little airport. If you are going to fly through here, confirm that the flight is direct since many flights from Cairo necessitates a 2- to 3-hour overlay in Luxor, even more than the flight duration. Return ticket from Cairo costs about LE 3,400 equating $185/£135.

By Plane through Abu Simbel (ABS)

This airport is entirely for Egypt-Air tourist flights. It is more reasonable to fly instead of driving, as there is nothing to see on the way, and it can be tiresome waiting for the convoy.

By Plane through Hurghada (HRG)

This undersized, contemporary airport efficiently serves Gouna, Hurghada, Makadi Bay, Soma Bay, Safaga, and Quseir. It is used directly from Europe by inexpensive operators such as Condor, Thomas Cook, and Transavia, as well as locally by Egypt-Air. Airfare from Cairo is abound LE2500 ($136/£105), and will save you a tiresome and obnoxious bus trip.

By Plane through Marsa Allam (RMF)

At the time of writing, Egypt-Air was flying to Marsa Allam twice weekly (Sundays and Wednesdays). However, as demand is sure to increase noticeably here, the frequency of flights should as well. A return ticket costs about LE3,500 which is $200/£140.

By Plane through MarsaMatruh (MUH)

Egypt-Air usually has a few flights a week here during the summer, providing the only services here.

By Plane through Taba (TCP)

This airport is at present only being used by direct charters from European centers.

By Plane through Kharga (UVL)

This airport services one Egypt-Air flight a week, on Sundays. Ticket costs LE1750 which is $98/£70. As this is officially used by the government you may have booking difficulty, but it can be progressed by the Egypt-Air office in Kharga. Should you run into problems in Cairo, call their agents at the Kharga office.

Flying to Cairo for Less

Various economical airlines in Europe are now famous for their cheap flights to Egypt. You can anticipate jam-packed planes, little leg space, and low, low prices. For instance, Dutch-based Transavia (tel. 20/4060406; has collected business markets from major airlines with its discounted flights to Sharm El Shiekh and Luxor from Amsterdam.

Updated On March 18, 2020