Travel with Disabilities

Egypt with Disabilities

Travel with Disabilities in Egypt

Travel with Disabilities requires extra planning, especially in a country like Egypt where accessibility can be a challenge. However, with the right resources and preparation, a trip to Egypt can be both feasible and enjoyable. Here’s a guide to help travelers with disabilities:

Understanding Accessibility in Egypt

  1. General Accessibility:
    • Challenges include lack of ramps, high curbs, and uneven sidewalks, particularly in cities like Cairo.
    • More tourist-focused areas like Sharm El-Sheikh and Luxor tend to have better facilities, including wheelchair-accessible hotel rooms.
  2. Diving Centers:
    • Some diving centers in Egypt are equipped to assist people with disabilities.

Recommended Resources and Services

  1. Moss Rehab:
    • Offers resources and support for travelers with disabilities.
  2. American Foundation for the Blind (AFB):
    • Website: AFB
    • Provides information and support for visually impaired travelers.
  3. Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality (SATH):
    • Offers resources for accessible travel and hospitality.
  4. Air Ambulance Card:
    • Collaborates with SATH to provide options for high-quality hospitals in emergencies.
  5. Access-able Travel Source:
    • Features a database of travel agents knowledgeable in accessible travel, destination-specific information, and services like equipment lending.
  6. Flying with Disability:
    • A comprehensive source of information on air travel for people with disabilities.
  7. Emerging Horizons:
    • An accessible travel magazine available by subscription.
  8. Mobility Advisor:
    • Website: Mobility Advisor
    • Offers various travel aids and resources for travelers with disabilities.
  9. Holiday Care:
    • For British travelers, provides travel information and aids for disabled and elderly individuals.

Tips for Traveling in Egypt With Disabilities

  1. Pre-Travel Research:
    • Contact hotels and tour operators in advance to confirm accessibility features and accommodations.
  2. Local Transportation:
    • Plan for transportation challenges. Private transportation may be more reliable for accessibility needs.
  3. Medical Needs:
    • Ensure you have enough medication and supplies, and know the location of medical facilities in the areas you’ll visit.
  4. Travel Insurance:
    • Consider comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies and evacuation.
  5. Cultural Sites:
    • Check accessibility options at historical sites. Some may have limited access but offer alternative ways to experience the site.

By utilizing these resources and planning ahead, travelers with disabilities can have a fulfilling and accessible experience in Egypt.

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