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Traveling with Kids in Egypt: A Family-Friendly Guide

Exploring Traveling with Kids in Egypt can be a magical experience, filled with unique adventures and warm welcomes. Here’s a guide to help families make the most of their Egyptian journey:

Egyptian Attitude Towards Children

  • Warm Reception: Children are adored in Egyptian culture. Don’t be surprised if your child receives extra attention, hugs, and treats.
  • Teenagers: They might find less of this overt attention but should be prepared for more adult-like interactions with their Egyptian peers.

Practical Considerations

  1. Safety Standards:
    • Be prepared for varying safety standards, such as the lack of car seats or life preservers for children.
    • Keep a close eye on children, especially in crowded or unfamiliar environments.
  2. Health Precautions:
    • Carry rehydration salts and be vigilant about food hygiene to prevent stomach issues.
    • Avoid contact with stray animals to prevent diseases.
  3. Baby Essentials:
    • Baby formula and disposable diapers are widely available.
    • High chairs and babysitting services are often available in luxury hotels.
  4. Snacks and Entertainment:
    • Pack your own snacks, though local options like sesame seed bars and dried fruits are available.
    • Look for children’s books and toys in hotel bookshops for additional entertainment.

Child-Friendly Activities in Egypt

  1. Desert Adventures:
    • Explore the White Desert or Siwa Oasis for unique landscapes and experiences.
    • Visit the Birqash camel market or engage in stargazing in Sinai.
  2. Ancient Wonders:
    • Explore the Great Pyramid of Cheops and create a treasure hunt at the Egyptian Museum.
    • Visit the planetarium and science museum at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria.
  3. Nile Adventures:
    • Enjoy a family boat trip to Qanater or a train journey to the Delta.
    • Experience a felucca ride on the Nile or horse riding by the Giza pyramids.
  4. Mountain and Water Fun:
    • Hike up Mt. Sinai for adventurous teens.
    • Snorkel in the Red Sea, explore Alexandria’s shipyards, or watch the Suez Canal in action in Port Said.

Tips for Traveling With Children in Egypt

    1. Stay Hydrated: The hot and dry climate requires constant hydration, especially for kids.
    2. Cultural Engagement: Encourage children to learn about and respect Egyptian culture and history.
    3. Plan for Downtime: Balance sightseeing with rest periods to avoid over-tiring the kids.
    4. Transportation: Opt for private transportation for comfort and safety when traveling with children.

Traveling in Egypt with children offers an opportunity for a rich cultural experience and unforgettable family memories. By being prepared and embracing the local culture, your family trip can be both enjoyable and enriching.

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