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Travel Advisory for Gay and Lesbian Travelers in Egypt

Navigating the social and legal landscape for gay and lesbian travelers in Egypt requires awareness and discretion. As of 2024, the situation remains complex, with societal attitudes and legal implications varying significantly. Here’s an updated guide to help navigate this terrain:

  1. Societal Attitudes: Egyptian society generally holds conservative views regarding homosexuality. While in some instances, homosexual behavior, especially among men, might be overlooked, it is often considered abnormal and can lead to discrimination.
  2. Risks for Gay Men: Gay men may find opportunities for discreet sexual encounters, but they also face risks of discrimination and police harassment. It’s crucial to be aware that public attitudes and legal repercussions can be severe.
  3. Lesbian Visibility: Lesbian relationships have little public recognition in Egypt. While same-sex female couples might not attract attention when displaying platonic affection, like holding hands, it’s advisable to avoid public displays of romantic affection.
  4. Security Concerns: There have been reports of security forces targeting the gay community. Instances of entrapment, followed by arrest and possible mistreatment, have been documented by human rights organizations. Caution is advised in online interactions and when attending meetings arranged via chat groups.
  5. Travel Association Resources: The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) can be reached at 800/448-8550 or 954/776-2626, or through their website They offer an online directory of gay- and lesbian-friendly travel businesses and tour services.
  6. Travel Discretion: Given the legal and social climate in Egypt regarding homosexuality, it’s advisable for gay and lesbian travelers to exercise a high degree of discretion. Avoid public displays of affection and be cautious in social and online interactions.
  7. Legal Landscape: While not explicitly illegal, homosexuality can lead to legal challenges in Egypt under laws related to public morality and decency. Understanding the legal risks is essential for LGBTQ+ travelers.
  8. Cultural Sensitivity: Respecting local customs and laws is crucial. Being culturally sensitive and aware of the local context can help in navigating the complexities of traveling in Egypt as a gay or lesbian individual.
  9. Emergency Contacts: Keep handy the contact information of your country’s embassy or consulate in Egypt. In case of legal trouble or emergencies, they can provide assistance and guidance.

Updated for 2024, this guide aims to provide gay and lesbian travelers with the necessary information to navigate the complexities of traveling in Egypt. While the country offers rich cultural and historical experiences, it’s important to stay informed and cautious regarding the specific challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community.

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