Transportation in Egypt

Transportation In Egypt

Transportation In Egypt

Traveling by train in Egypt can be a comfortable and scenic way to explore the country. Here’s an updated guide to help you navigate the Egyptian railway system:

Buying Train Tickets

  1. At the Station:
    • Purchase tickets at Cairo’s main station, where separate windows cater to different classes and destinations.
    • For the Cairo-Luxor-Aswan deluxe sleeper, payment is in foreign currency at the El Watania sleeper office.
  2. Online Purchases:
    • Tickets for daytime express trains can be bought online at Egyptian National Railways
    • .
    • The online system accepts foreign credit cards and is available in English.
  3. Self-Service Machines:
    • Available at major stations, these machines are user-friendly and accept foreign cards.
    • They can be used to buy tickets for Cairo-Luxor-Aswan daytime trains, which may not be sold to foreigners at ticket counters.
  4. Travel Agencies:
    • For advance booking or if online systems are challenging, use an Egyptian travel agency. They can mail tickets to you.

Understanding Train Categories

  1. Deluxe Sleeper Trains:
    • Operate between Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. Booking in advance is recommended, especially during peak tourism periods.
  2. Daytime Express Trains:
    • Offer first and second-class air-conditioned seats. Ideal for routes like Cairo-Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan.
  3. Regular Trains:
    • Basic, non-air-conditioned second and third-class options. Less frequently used by tourists.

Prices and Classes

  • First-Class Air-Conditioned:
    • Comparable to European trains, offering comfortable travel.
    • Prices for Cairo to Alexandria, for example, are around LE 50 (less than €6 or $9).
  • Second-Class Air-Conditioned:
    • A budget-friendly option with reasonable comfort.

Tourist Train Travel Restrictions

  • Cairo-Luxor-Aswan Route:
    • Restrictions may apply for tourists buying tickets for regular daytime trains on this route.
    • The deluxe sleeper trains are the primary option offered to tourists at ticket counters.

Ramses Starion

Tips fro Train Travel in Egypt

  • Booking Window: Tickets can be booked up to two weeks in advance.
  • Print Tickets: Print out your ticket details after booking online.
  • Cultural Experience: Train journeys offer insights into Egyptian life and landscapes.
  • Safety and Comfort: Always keep an eye on your belongings and choose the class that suits your comfort needs.
  • Train travel in Egypt can be a delightful experience, offering a blend of comfort, convenience, and cultural immersion. By understanding the ticketing system and train categories, you can enjoy a seamless journey across the fascinating landscapes of Egypt.

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