Touts In Egypt

Scam & Fraud In Egypt

These are mediators who get a fee from introducing tourists to shop owners, travel agent, felucca captains and other service providers. Though this job may be present around the world, touts in Egypt are special and serious in their attempt to get a pay from you. You will see this happening in all towns in Egypt, or resorts that attract foreign tourists.

Particularly in Aswan and Luxor, it may appear anyone who sees a tourist immediately becomes a tout with an offer for a felucca trip. A short distance may seem like a long one, because touts approach you back to back, not discouraged by your disapproval of the former.

From a general point of view, there is little advantage dealing with touts in Egypt. Sometimes, you may pay extra for them to walk you into a store you would otherwise enter on your own.

Don’t be deceived by the tout’s promises of cheap prices, if you are price sensitive. If it feels beyond belief, it usually is and will suffice in problems at the end of the journey. Speaking with a service provider in person to get a price is much better.

On the other hand, if you desire your trip to be set up for you, then it is more convenient to go through your hotel or s good travel agent. A commission would still be required, but there is a greater likelihood of getting what you desire and a place to lay complaints, if it does not go as agreed. When going into a resort, with a high hassle factor, it is important to know two words; “La shukran” meaning ‘no, thank you’ [go through the basic Arabic guide].

Move on still while these words are being said. You will utter it a lot at first, but the message would be passed eventually.


Updated On March 18, 2020