Egypt Travel During Coronavirus
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Adaptive Measures in Egypt Tourism Facilities Following the Coronavirus Pandemic.

As an essential facility for the development of tourism in Egypt we have collaborated with the Egyptian National Center for Infectious Disease Control and Prevention, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, and WHO experts to develop guidelines that can promote health and safety in the re-opening of the tourism sector.

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are looking to embrace guidance that will reflect on the health and safety principles of the facility in responsibility towards our customers and employees. However, as we try to create safe and healthy experiences, we also need travelers to follow the health guidelines because we must collaborate to avert the threats posed by COVID-19. By developing the guidance as we reopen together with other segments of the travel industry we are showing how much we seriously consider the pandemic and its threat to public health and safety.

Tour Operators

Our guidance will continue embracing changes and evolve for the betterment of our travelers and employee’s health and safety in the different stages of reopening with the continued scientific discoveries. Travel2Egypt seeks to provide consistency in our approaches to safety for efficient customer experience.

We have made several adjustments to tour operations such as the removal of the use of big Nile cruises and group tours to 1-8 cabin Dahabiya Nile cruises and private tours only respectively. Big hotels will no longer be used as well, we will switch to boutiques and eco-lodges as required. We will encourage wireless and contactless tour guide system and payment as we enforce social distancing practices throughout your experience.

The guides, assistants, drivers, and travelers’ temperature will be checked upon arrival and departure every morning and will be provided with face masks and hand sanitizers which will be available on all premises. Besides, sanitization will be conducted for guiding equipment and cars and staff will be required to wash their hands regularly.

Hotels and Restaurants

The hotels and restaurants will also embrace new measures that seek to protect customers and staff from any risks to contract COVID-19. Every hotel entrance will have automatic sterilization gates and contactless/paperless check-ins. The reception staff will use safety face shields and hotels will only be booked up to 50% of the total occupancy. Hotels will only allow 2 clients for every room, and all rooms will be cleaned and sanitized twice daily. The meals will be served based on set menus which will be QR coded in all restaurants and hotels. Besides, the tables will have a maximum of two customers unless it is a family traveling together of which safety distance between tables will be maintained.

Cancellation Policies

We have also adjusted our cancellation policies to consider cancellations related to COVID-19 factors in support of our community of travelers and to improve their confidence in our agency. The customer service team will be available all the time to communicate with customers on the matter of cancellation. For those who have been diagnosed or suspect to have contracted COVID-19 by health authorities, the cancellation policies will apply to you and you can contact us at any time.

Travel deposits received between April 2020 and July 2020 can be transferred to any dates and tours. The day tours can be canceled with 48 hours before the departure date without cancellation charges. All canceled travel packages before 15 days of departure will not incur cancellation charges. However, travel packages canceled before 14-7 days, 6-3 days, 2-0 days will be charged 25%, 50%, and 75% only as cancellation charges respectively.

In the case of any questions that have not been addressed about Egypt Travel During Coronavirus, please contact us for more information.


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