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Different variations of spelling this city’s name in English exist; from Fiyum to El Faiyūm and even Fayum. However, the original name given to the city was Madīnet El Faiyūm, which when translated from Arabic to English means The City of Faiyum. The different spellings of the name may have been used to refer to the city’s Oasis, but more often than not it is the city itself being described.

The present name, Al Fayoum, is adapted from the Coptic nomenclature epʰiom/piom which can be translated in English to mean the Sea or Lake, there’s also a similar name in the Egyptian language, and these two refer to the Lake Moeris situated close to the city. Phiomia, the name of a now extinct species of ancient elephants was also derived from the city name.

The hustle and bustle typical of any other Urban Egyptian city can be found in Al Fayoum considering is location on one of Egypt’s largest canals. The city is supplied with water from the Nile via a large number of artificially created capillary canals that were dug hundreds of years ago, it is because of these that the city is often described as an oasis. The readily available water supply has led to the region being fertile and therefore prosperous with two reserve areas and parks which are the Wadi Rayan National Park  and the Lake Qarun Park. The huge canal earlier referred to on which the city is built is known as “Bahr Yusuf” and it is majorly responsible for the city’s status as a metropolis due to its being a major stopping point along the route, providing adequate recreational and vacation amenities for travelers.

The City of Al Fayoum is also very attractive to archaeologists and fans of Egyptian history due to its hosting many palaces by the ancient pharaohs. On a typical visit to Al Fayoum, you will enjoy spending your time at the village of Tunis which is a settlement with a vast collection of artworks. There’s also the nice view of splendid shores at Lake Qarun. You could as well enjoy the nightlife at downtown Al Fayoum along the Bahr Yusuf.

Updated On March 18, 2020