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Qasr Qaroun Temple Sun Festival “The Wonder Of The Sun”

The phenomenon of the alignment of the sun on Qasr Qaroun temple is as important as that of the great temple of Abu Simbel. Despite the differences between the two temples regarding each one’s Location, Goal and Date of Foundation, in addition to, the differences regarding each one’s Sun alignment date, however, both have resemblance regarding sun rotation at the holy of the holies of the two temples at the time of the sun rises.

On December 21, the sunrise illuminates the sanctuary of the temple of the crocodile-god Sobek a phenomena known as ” the Winter solstice “ which represents the sun rebirth; the sun illuminates Horus of Behdet (the winged sun disk at the top of the  temple’s entrance) The shafts of light slowly creep through the temple to illuminate the middle chapel of the of holy of the holies which are supposed to have the sacred bark of god Sobek( the crocodile).

The light then deviates to right to illuminate the right chapel which is supposed to have the statue of Sobek god (the crocodile), whilst the left chapel remains in the shadows.

This phenomenon completely goes in accordance with the nature of that animal (the crocodile) which stays at the eastern bank of the river at the sunrise, then, moves to the western river bank and sinks into the darkness of the river at the sunset.