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Sun Festival of Qasr Qaroun Temple “The Wonder of the Sun”

The occurrence of sun alignment to Qasr Qaroun temple is just as significant as that of Abu Simbel’s great temple. Given the distinctions between the two temples over each of their site, aims and date founded, plus the variations over each of their dates of Sun alignment, however, they both have similarities of sun rotation at the holiest of the two temples at the time of the rising sun.

On the 21st of December, the crocodile-god ‘Sobek’ temple sanctuary is lightened up by the sun. This is an occurrence called the “Winter solstice”, and it marks the rebirth of the sun: Behdet’s Horus (the winged sun disk at the top of the temple entrance) gets lightened up by the sun. As the rays of light gradually pass through the temple to illuminate the middle chapel of the holiest of Sobek (the god crocodile) that is meant to have the sacred bark.

Then the light turns to the right to lighten the right chapel that is meant to have the Sobek statue, while the left chapel is in the darkness.

This event is entirely in line with the nature of the animal(crocodile), which at the sunrise stays at the eastern bank of the river, then shifts to the west bank of the river and falls into the darkness of the river at sunset.

Updated On May 01, 2020