Currency in Al Fayoum


Getting Around Al-Fayoum

If you decided to proceed to Al Fyoum from the southern entrance to the oasis, taking the desert road from Beni Suef towards Cairo. The pyramids at Al-Lahun and Hawara are accessible from either Fayoum City or Al-Wasta in the Nile Valley while other areas can be reached from Medinet Al-Fayoum.

However, as most visitors will arrive from the direction of Cairo to the north, I would recommend obtaining a good map of the area before setting out. Most tourists, unless in a private car, will be accompanied at all times by an armed escort of tourist police on all journeys within the region and itineraries will be subject to their approval.

When visiting the lakes, Tunis and the various archaeological sites, you can hire a taxi in Al-Fayoum that will cost you between E£450 and E£600 for the day. Throughout the day you could feasibly visit Karanis, Lake Qarun, and Wadi Rayyan, with a short stop in Tunis.

If you want to spend more time in the desert or visit Wadi al-Hittan, you’re probably better off going on one of our organized trips here. Microbuses are also a great way of getting around Al Fayoum as they connect you to most of the smaller villages. A Microbus ride can get you to Shakshouk, the closest settlement to the good hotels on Lake Qarun, Qasr Qarun or even Tunis for the cheapest price. Nevertheless, don’t worry if you had a hard time finding one. Within Medinat al-Fayoum, green-and-white minibusses cover all areas.