Getting Around


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Currency in Al Fayoum


Getting Around Al-Fayoum

Mobility and Transportation

There really is a lot to see in Al Fayoum, so for ease and comfort, your best bet might be to book a taxi for the whole day for between 750 and 1150 Egyptian Pounds. You’ll get to visit all the popular sites; Lake Qarun, Wadi Rayan, Karanis, and others in comfort and privacy. However, if you’re looking for a little more customized experience, for example hoping to stay back and spend some hours at particular sites, then an organized tour might be a better option. {You may consider checking one of our popular tours to Al-Fayoum here}

If you’re working with a more streamlined budget though, then there are a lot of microbuses at cheaper rates which will get you to all the villages and deserts you want to see. These microbuses will also conveniently transport you to hotels where you can find lodging for the night.

Updated On March 18, 2020