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Only In Al Fayoum

Adding to the many attractions that a traveler can enjoy here in Al Fayoum there some sights that can be seen only here.

Fayoum Mummy Portraits

As far as the practice of honoring the dead was concerned, Al Fayoum presented a curious mix of both Ancient Roman, Greek, and Egyptian traditions. While the Romans favored cremation; the burning of dead bodies, the Egyptians held on to their tradition of preserving and burying their dead.

During this period however, Egyptians also adopted the practice of creating death masks for the dead. These were painted on wood with colored wax in a style known as encaustic.

Although initially thought to be representations of the Greek elite, it has been discovered that the Al fayoum face masks and mummy portraits actually depicted the Egyptian locals.


Updated On April 20, 2020