Medinet Madi


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Medinet Madi (Narmouthis)


Secluded and quaint, this ancient city is one you’ll really like with its sandy desert terrain and its fair share of sphinxes and remains of various stone structures and pyramids. When translated into English from Arabic, Medinet Madi means City of the Past. And it lives up to this appellation as it is one of the only remaining locations of a middle kingdom temple. These are very rare to find all over Egypt and it is quite a remarkable feat.

The temple here was built by kings Amenemhat III and Amenemhat IV and dedicated to a crocodile god named Sobek as well as Renenutet, a cobra goddesss. Excavations carried out by a team of Italian archaeologists revealed a collection of writings in Greek. In these texts, the city was called Narmouthis. Also another temple dedicated exclusively to the crocodile-cult was also discovered and the reptiles might have been specially reared here as a collection of crocodile eggs were found at the temple site. Archaeological work is still in progress at the site in order to make more interesting discoveries.

The terrain is rough and it’s advisable to come in an off-road vehicle. The other option is to come in a taxi and have to trek for nearly 2km from the main road.

Updated On April 22, 2020