Pyramid Of Al-Lahun


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The Pyramid Of Al-Lahun

About The Pyramid Of Al-Lahun

This pyramid was erected by Pharaoh Sesostris II between 1880 and 1874 BC. There isn’t much to look at here as what is left of it is basically ruins, the interior is inaccessible, and most of the treasures and rocks have been stolen by marauding tomb raiders. Yet its skeletal structure still stands out distinctly even from a distance.

However, a gold image of a cobra managed to escape all the robbery and pillaging and it is presently on display at the jewelry section of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

For pyramid enthusiasts still insistent on visiting this site, the easiest way to reach the location from Cairo is either through private taxi or to board a regular taxi going to Beni Suef and get down at the village of Al-Lahun then take a 2km trek to reach the pyramid itself.


Updated On April 20, 2020