Mosque Of Qaitbey


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The Bridge & The Mosque Of Qaitbey

The Hanging Mosque

Modelled after the Mamluqi Mosques and built by Prince Soliman Ibn Hatem in 966 AH during the Othman period, the hanging mosque, locally called Al-Moallaq, is a beautiful building sited on a plateau. It is accessible from the side of the city’s major canal, Bahr Yusuf.

Mosque Qaitbey and its Bridge

Interestingly, this bridge-located on the Bahr Yusuf- was commissioned in the 15th century by a woman (which was not so common at the time), Lady Khawand Aslbay, the wife of Sultan Qaitbey and Sultan al-Zahir Qansouh’s sister, perhaps this explains how she was able to influence such a huge project.

It was renamed El Wadaa Bridge after its reconstruction in 1984. The name originates from the fact that the bridge leads to the city cemetery.


Updated On April 20, 2020