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Currency in Al Fayoum


Things to Do in Al-Fayoum

Major Activities In Al Fayoum

Adding to the many attractions this amazing city offers to travelers still, there are many activities an adventurous traveler can enjoy. Here is your short list.

Stop by Tunis – The Fayoum Pottery School

This academy was the brain child of Evelyne Porret, a Swiss artist. It was created in the 1970s and dedicated to the training of children and adults alike in the art of pottery. It is difficult to decide on which is more attractive, the works of arts done by the students of the school, or the architecture of the school itself as both are quite picturesque and are sure to appeal to the aesthetic sense of every visitor.

Visit Al-Fayoum Art Center

It’s only fair that we give you a heads up that most of the inscriptions here are in Arabic, so you might not exactly feel at home if you don’t dig the language. But apart from that, this is a place you really should visit if only for the beautiful paintings and cartoons about the Egyptian political space. It’s run by Mohamed Abla, a painter who trains interested students and also invites artists both locally and from outside the country to give classes as well.

Updated On March 18, 2020