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Al Gouna Travel Guide


One of Egypt’s most famous and visited tourist resort is El Gouna popularly known as the “Lagoon,” which was established by Samih Sawiris in 1989 and developed by Orascom Hotels and Construction. It sits on the Red Sea in Egypt’s Red Sea Governorate, 22 km from Hurghada, and 470 km from Cairo.

The island of El Gouna has several beaches which include the Moods Beach, Zeytuna Beach, Mangroovy Beach, and some other beaches that belong to hotels scattered within the resort town. Many houses have their strip of the beach due to the network of canals in the town. Many of these canals are crossed by small bridges of stone, which gives an exquisite feel.

Your holiday tour and stay in Al Gouna promises to be home away from home as there are world-class 18 hotels rated from three-star to five stars, and a six-star hotel known as La Maison Bleue that is sited next to the Abu Tig Marina Extension. Abu Tig Marina is one of the three major areas in Al Gouna, and the other two are Downtown and Tamr Henna Square.

Most prominent European and American Architects built El Gouna building structures to the semblance of the Traditional Egyptian Architecture, beautifully designed like those seen in Nubian villages and Countryside. The Lagoon is a self-contained tourism town, and likely the best managed resort in the whole of Egypt.

With its state of the art spas, gourmet restaurants, golf courses, tennis courts, and Olympic standard pools, this fashionable cosmopolitan blends the best of a calming atmosphere and intense marine activities. Al Gouna is the best place to think of when you think of your holiday getaway.

Updated On April 24, 2020