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History Of Al Gouna

History Of Al Gouna

Al Gouna Is The Premier Red Sea Holiday Destination Dating From 1989. Located On The Red Sea Governorate Of Egypt, 20 Kilometres North Of Hurghada. A Self-Contained Town That Boasts 18 Hotels And Offering A World Class Various Entertainment Activities.

About The Community Of Al Gouna

Whether you are planning for a honeymoon or you need a dreamlike location for your wedding celebration. Imagine walking hand in hand with your sweetheart in lush green gardens, lagoons as clear as crystal, and later joining your guests in one of the world’s most luxurious venues for a stylish open-air dinner party. El Gouna is the perfect destination on the Red Sea Riviera and the whole of Egypt. Take a walk down the marina boulevard while gazing at the most luxurious yachts you might ever see, sit and enjoy a gourmet dinner at one of the restaurants’ terraces under the starlit sky, or go all the way and book a dinner on one of the fancy ships. If you prefer a place to relax on a beach and enjoy some swimming and diving, then El Gouna is a place for you to be.

Over the last few years, El-Gouna has been hosting grounds and gatherings for cross country companies.  Such as year-end events and celebration activities, where participants partake in rewarding and exciting activities such as golfing, yachting, swimming, and open-sea fishing. And if you’re in the mood for a little cultural adventurous escape, you can proceed to the desert nearby where you will enjoy gazing at the stars in the cloudless desert sky with a glass of tea offered by the Bedouins.

There is a football stadium, a small aquarium, a go-kart track, a paintball arena, tennis courts, horse stables around town where you can enjoy watching sporting activities. The local football team, El Gouna FC, plays in the Egyptian premier league, and you can enjoy soccer at grassroots. El Gouna does not leave your prayer and religious life out of the scene; you can pray while you’re having fun. There is a Mosque where you can observe your regular prayers as a Muslim, and a Coptic Church, the Church of St. Mary and the Archangels.

There is also an arrangement for sky sightseeing as you can go for tour flights with the El Gouna International School, a campus of the TU Berlin, an Environmental Geographic Information System, and a mini private airport for charter aircraft. You can have an area and hawk-eye view of the beautiful island and the activities on the beaches, leaving you with lifetime memories.

The town has a small museum that opened in 1996 with some 90 exhibits which including statue replicas and an exhibition hall of contemporary Egyptian paintings by Hussein Bikar, amidst many other artifacts that give you insight into the history of great Egypt while touring the land.

El Gouna has an International standard hospital that is fully equipped with both human resources and adequate medical equipment. It can cater for all your medical needs ranging from emergency cares to more specialized treatments and surgeries, including ophthalmology, dentistry, pediatrics, plastic surgery, and general surgery.  The intensive care unit and a decompression chamber are capable of handling all accidents emergencies from diving or other accidents during the activities on the island.

Updated on April 24 2020