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Weather And Best Time To Go To Al Gouna

The Geographical Location

Al-Gouna Is Located 22 Km north of  Hurghada And 470 Km Away From Cairo.

The Climate 

People travel to El Gouna from all around the world each year because of its hot temperatures, gorgeous beaches, bright sunshine, and aqua blue seawater. Anyone looking for a comfortable beach getaway location will want to visit El Gouna. It has so much beauty and scenery that you’ll never want to leave.

The temperature generally stays above 20°C. The constant sunshine requires you to protect your skin with sunscreen, so make sure you bring a lot of it. The summer temperatures are particularly hot. You can expect the high temperature during the summer to be around 40°C between the months of July and September.

The daily weather will consist of clear blue skies without any rain ever. If you want to feel cool and refreshed, then you must visit the beach and enjoy the cool breeze that comes from the sea. It is the only way to cool yourself off from the heat. The temperature of the water is about 28°C on average.

If you want to visit El Gouna when it is cooler, then the best time to come is during the winter. The temperatures won’t fall under 20°C, but they will be much cooler than usual. You won’t experience the dreadful summertime heat in the winter. The high temperatures of the winter are around 24°C, so it is still warm but not hot. The average rainfall per month is only between 1mm and 2mm.

Best time to Go

November 5th to April 15th