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Tours In Al-Gouna

Adding to the endless list of activities that can be done in and around the town of Al-Gouna, you still can enjoy several culture experiences and tours while staying at this marevelous resort. Here the short tour list,

1) Luxor Full Day Tour “Day Trip by Bus from Al-Gouna”

This tour explores all the important landmarks of the West Bank of Luxor, including the Valley of the Kings, the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut (or what is famously called, El Deir El Bahri), and the gigantic colossi of Memnon. Moreover, guests will have the chances to explore the wonders of the East Bank, which include the Temple of Luxor and the Temple of Karnak.

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Dendera Temple & Abydos Temple 

While enjoying your vacation in Al Gouna, why not take a day to explore two of the most magnificent Pharaonic temples—the Temple of Dendera, located around 60 kilometers north of Luxor, and the Temple of Abydos, situated around 250 kilometers north of Luxor? Both temples are remarkable, finely preserved, and have very important historical significance.

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