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Al Quseir Travel Guide

Al Quseir Travel Guide 

This Egyptian city, known in ancient times as Leucus Limen, has been in existence for roughly 5000 years. It is spelt in Arabic as القصير. There are many modern variations of the name which include Al Qusair, Al Qusayr, El Quseir, Quseir, Quesir, Qusseir, Qosseir, or Kosseir.

The city was referred to as White Harbor in the Ptolemaic era due to its unique location close to the Nile. This strategic location established its status as an important Red Sea port. Based on paintings and carvings found in the Deir el-Bahari temple at Luxor, Al Quseir is renowned for being the port from which Queen Hatshepsut’s expeditionary team embarked on a voyage, back in 1493 BC, to the magical land of Punt in Africa.

Speculations place the location at Punt somewhere close to present day Ethiopia. It is told in old fables that the team she sent (led by her general Senenmet) arrived back at Al Quseir with 2 panthers (which were still alive) and 31 trees of incense.

Al-Quseir was also where Sultan Selim, the 16th century fortress was located. Many of the spiritual travelers going to Mecca for the Hajj set off from the port of Al Quseir. Merchants selling exporting spices from India to Britain were also known to pass through Al-Quseir.

The city has become a silent vacation spot with luxurious beaches, coral reefs, and transparent blue waters. Its beachy sea-side appearance has made it into an attractive place where tourists can have fun and enjoy a silent period of holiday or vacation. Activities like snorkeling and diving can also be carried out in present day Al-Quseir.

Apart from just hanging out and enjoying the environment, there’s also a lot of historical sight-seeing to do in Al Quseir. There are some old colonial buildings constructed with British and French architectural designs. An old Caravan trail from Al Quseir that snakes through mountains and various Roman and Pharaoh Era sites, leading to Qift in Nile is still visible too.

Tourists can also check out mines at Bir Umm Fawakir, the ancient and wide Roman outpost at Mons Claudianus, and Wadi Russumat’s pictures of rocks. All in all, Al Quseir, at present provides a combination of your usual tourist center with all the usual trappings- beaches, spas, hotels, and what have you- with ancient and historical sites where you can appreciate the rich culture and history of Egypt from various eras.

So if your plan is to enjoy some time away by the sea side and get immersed in some history as well, then you should be booking that flight to Egypt and make your way to Al Quseir in particular.


Updated On April 28, 2020